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Bid wars mod apk | Download Bid wars mod for Android

You must have participated or seen biddings on antiques somewhere. Bidding is very exciting and boosts our adrenaline. Bid wars mod apk will give you the similar adrenaline rush of buying and selling antiques and bidding highest among all. There were many famous american TV shows on bidding wars like Auction hunters, Baggage battles and Storage wars. Bid on the store and become the best bid wars gambler and sell it it your pawn shop.

Mainmission in this game is related to bidding around USA and world but you can also sell and buy antiques in your pawn shop. This is a simulation and role playing game where you will act as a bidder and pawn shop tycoon. You have to take risk and buy storages to become one of the wealthiest storage and pawn shop tycoon in this game.


What is Bid wars mod apk? 

Bid wars – Storage Auctions and Pawn shop tycoon is an Idle simulation game which is developed by Tapp Games Inc. This game revolves around bidding on Storages and selling the antiques in your pawn shop.

Bid wars mod apk

You have to beat your opponents in bidding and buy storage units to become one if the best storage auction tycoon. Higher the risk equals to higher rewards. Collect rare antiques and earn gold bar from it. Gold bar can help you in getting deals faster at your pawn shop.

In bid wars mod apk you’ll get unlimited money and Gold bars so that you can upgrade your shop easily. There are so many levels which you can clear only with your risk taking ability and smartness. Sometimes bid will go higher than actual price of antiques, in that case you have to lay low and do your best in next storage and bid there.

game main screen

You can also apply some cheats like X-ray specs which detects the antiques hidden inside box. You can also kick out one bidder with kick the bidder option if he is bidding  higher and not letting you buy a storage. There’s also a calculator power ups which will calculate the price of antiques in store beforehand so that you can place your bid smartly.


Bid wars latest version info:

  • Name :- Bid wars – Storage Auctions & Pawn shop tycoon
  • Version :- v2.43.7
  • Apk size :- 149 MB
  • Total installs :- 10 million+
  • Published by :- Tapp Games
  • Requirements :- Android version 4.4
  • Mod :- Unlimited Money and Gold


Download and Install Bid wars mod apk

Downloading Bid wars mod apk is quite easy but gamers mainly stuck in installing this game properly. But don’t worry just follow this procedure and install bid wars mod apk in your android smartphone.

  •  Click on the download button given below.

Download Bid Wars

  •  Now you’ll get a pop-up notification. Click on Download in that notification.

Downloading apk

  • After this your mod game will start downloading. If your smartphone don’t have enough space then clear unwanted caches and cookies from your file manager.

Download auction game

  •  When your game will be downloaded, click on that notification or go to file manager >>> Downloads and click bid wars mod apk. This will lead you further to its installation page.
  •  If you’re installing any mod game first time then it is possible that your smartphone won’t support installing apps from platforms other than play stores.

Install complete

  • To install bid wars mod apk in your smartphone. First go to the settings and search unknown sources or install apk. There you’ll get an option whether to allow installation of apks from unknown sources. Allow installation of applications from other medium too.

You can also play the idle firefighter tycoon mod game from here.


Features of Bid wars apk

Bid wars is an amazing bidding and auctioning game. You can live a life of a pawn star and Storage auctioneers. Here are some of the amazing Features of Bid wars game:

Bid with highly competitive opponents

Bid wars modded game

There is a huge variety of opponents in this game. When you’ll start playing this game you’ll get weak opponents but as you’ll reach higher level opponents will be stubborn. They will make the bidding price higher and you won’t be able to generate income or clear that level. In that case you can use power ups and save auction from going in wrong direction.


Handle your own pawn shop

Pawn shop bid wars Bid wars download

If you think that this game is about storage auctions only then you’re wrong. You can take the antiques back to your pawn shop and sell it in higher prices. You can also buy antiques at cheap prices from your customers in pawn shop with little bargaining.


Sync or save your game on cloud 

Sync and save bid wars mod

Save your game history in cloud present in it. You can delete this game and again download it whenever you want and put same user ID and password in it, game will start from same level. You can also sync your game on cloud so that if by chance you delete caches and cookies of this game. It’ll start from same level.


Get free lucky spin after clearing level requirements 

Lucky spin bid wars

If you clear any stage with more than expected points then you’ll be rewarded with a free lucky spin. In that free lucky spin you can earn upto $5000 money too. You can re-spin it by paying some amount of gold.


Unlimited money & Gold

Bid wars mod apk gives unlimited money and Gold to the gamers. With this money and Gold you can upgrade your shop or clear hard stage easily with power ups. Power ups can be bought with gold. With the help of power ups you can buy warehouse storage in less price.


Play bid wars mod apk free of cost 

Bid wars mod apk doesn’t charge a penny for it’s service. There will be in app purchases but you have to avoid it because we are already providing money and Gold which will help you in clearing tough stages very easily. Download bid wars mod app from link given below and walk in the shoes of a storage auction buyer and pawn shop owner.


Tips and tricks to play bid wars

Bid wars game download

  • Bidding is exciting and most of the time you’ll be in profit. But over bidding all the time will lead to heavy losses. Sometimes your opponents will be heavily charged up and won’t let you take that storage. This will lead to loss of money which leads to losing that level or stage.


  • Sell rare and expensive items in your pawn shop rather than selling everything there. As selling in shop will generate profits upto 300%. You can get rare and expensive items and antiques in Daily or weekly auctions too.


  • Go to Dumpster diving and you get rare antiques easily without paying money or gold. But you’ll get only one chance to choose one box in dumpster. If you want to choose or open more dumpster boxes then use gold to buy that boxes. It costs only 2 gold brics to buy a box in dumpster diving. The chance of getting a rate item in dumpster is 60%.


  • Use power up more often if you want to buy a storage warehouse in cheaper prices. There mare mainly 3 power ups which is calculator, x-ray specs and kick out boots. You can see what’s across and inside the boxes with the help of x-ray specs. With calculator you can find the price of storage before auction and bid your price accordingly. Kick out boots helps in kicking the rude and stubborn competitors out of the auction.


Frequently asked questions

We have made a list of most asked questions by our users on bid wars mod apk. If you have any questions then comment below, we will try to answer it as soon as possible.


Can I jump from level 1 to level 48 directly in the app? 

No, you’ll only get unlimited money and Gold in our bid wars mod apk. You can’t directly jump from level 1 to 48 because we didn’t unlocked all levels. If we will unlock all levels then you won’t be able to enjoy amazing storyline and gameplay of Bid Wars Storage Auctions.

Why I’m unable to install bid wars mod apk? 

Please go through the section in this article where we have explained how to download and install Bid wars mod apk step by step. Before installing mod apk deleted previously downloaded bid wars storage auctions app.

Do this mod apk have unlimited energy too? 

Yes, we provide unlimited gold in this mod apk by which you can buy energy to play Bid wars without a break. This mod app doesn’t give unlimited energy directly but through unlimited gold you can get unlimited energy indirectly without paying a buck.


Final thoughts

Bid wars storage auctions and pawn shop tycoon is a Role playing and stimulation game. In its mod apk you’ll get free unlimited money and Gold. With the help of gold and money you can easily unlock higher levels and beat your opponents easily. Even though this game is modded, you can’t duck any level without winning it.

In bid wars you can also compete with other gamers online and beat the best high score of Bid wars. This game is totally free. Now  enjoy bidding and become the wealthiest pawn star in Bid wars storage auctions.

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