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Camscanner Apk download for Android mobile

Scanning important files and turning it into pdf was a hectic task before Camscanner apk. Scanners were mainly physical computerized boxes which helped users in converting thier physical documents to pdf or photos. But with new technology like camscanner you can get similar to better results within a second. It posses smart AI which helps in cropping the real boundaries of an image and makes a perfect scanned pdf file. Let’s discuss more about Camscanner apk and how to use it.


What is Camscanner apk? 

Camscanner is one of the most popular and powerful document Scanning and sharing tool. You can either click the images and scan directly or take images from gallery to scan and make pdf. There is also an OCR system in Camscanner. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, it scans the images and convert it into searchable and editable pdf. You can also extract the words out of image with the help of OCR technology. The output of OCR will be mainly in .txt and .docx form. With the help of Camscanner you can also create excel sheet from images. All you have to do is capture the image through camera or directly use it from your gallery.

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Camscanner not only scans printed texts but also hand written texts. You can scan your handwritten assignments or official documents / letters in Camscanner and convert it into a pdf file. You can also save the file in your file manager or put it in the cloud space. Share your scanned pdf to various social media and texting platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. You can also share it to your personal computer or tablet directly through camscanner apk.

Camscanner apk had more than 20 million+ downloads all over the world but after India have banned chinese apps the Indians can not use / download it from Google playstore. But you can download the latest version of camscanner through our download link given below. Scanning is easy now with camscanner and it’s amazing functions. You can scan it anywhere, anyplace and anytime. You don’t need to be in office to scan documents. Just download it from and start using Camscanner apk now.


Why to use CamScanner? 

Camscanner is the most widely used scanner apk in almost all countries due to its perfection in scanning documents with proper alignment and cropping. The special thing about camscanner is, it have ocr technology which helps in identifying the words in pdf. With the help of this technology you can find any word in lengthy pdf pages instantly. It can also recognize handwritten words.

Camscanner mod apk

“Now you can put scanner in your pocket”. If you have said this same sentence 20 years ago then everyone might have laughed at you or mocked you because physical scanners are huge in size. Camscanner is a better alternative compared to physical scanners and other scanning applications.

There are varieties of features in Camscanner which makes it a must use apk for every students and working professionals. Let’s dive deep into the amazing features of Camscanner apk.


Features of Camscanner apk

Features of Camscanner can be divided into two parts. Some of the basic features are available in free version but if you want all Features unlocked then paid version will be better for you.

Smart Scan

Document to pdf apk download

Smart scan feature enhances the visibility of image and crops perfectly that the shape of image will look similar to its original. This features is available in free version of Camscanner. The A.I. recognize the shape of image and gives the output within a second. If you’re not happy with the computerized cropping of Camscanner then you can crop your image manually too.

Scan your Books, Assignments, receipts, ID cards, Notices, etc by your mobile’s camera and get amazingly perfect scanned output in the form of pdf. You can resize your crop according to your needs to achieve desired results.


Different shades in Pdf

Image to pdf

You can magically change your image to different shades with the help of this features. Shades are nothing but filter or photo effects which you can find in photo editor apps. Same way these shades changes the colour and textures to light or dark counterparts of that image.


Sharing pdf/jpg to various social media and PC

Camscanner mod apk

Share your scanned pdf or images to whatsapp and other texting apps directly from camscanner. You can also copy tye given link and put it wherever you want in any social media app. You can share your scanned result in PDF as well as JPG (image) form. Camscanner also have optical character recognition system which help in optimizing words and sentences in scanned result pdf. Due to that you can also extract and share your scanned image to text form. You can also send your scanned result image to personal computer directly.


Quick search texts within Scanned Image

Cam scanner apk

Suppose you have to find a specific word or part in pdf consisting 300 pages. How you’ll search? Either you’ll read all the pages which is very tiring and time consuming or you’ll ask for help from somebody who have already read it before. Both ways it’ll be hard for you but with OCR technology now you can easily search your desired word or sentence in an image instantly. Just write that word in search bar and click on search, result will come up within a second.


Convert Image to Excel 

Image to excel

Yes, you’ve read correct you can also convert image into an excel sheet with Camscanner apk. But there are some rules to it, first of all your image should have borders or tables so that camscanner can read it easily and then convert it into Excel. Even if there’s no tables in your image just try it once, maybe you can get the results of your choice.


Convert Image to Text

Image to text converter

We all want to convert Images to text to save our precious time typing long sentences. You can also scan handwritten images and extract the words out of it with OCR technology and then camscanner will convert it in .txt and .docx form. This ocr works only for English language.


Adding signature to the scanned document instantly

Camscanner mod

This is an amazing feature for official tasks where we have to scan images and sign over it again and again. Now with camscanner apk just extract your signature to the given document without any hassle. You can resize that signature and put it wherever you want. Changing the colour of your signature is also possible in Camscanner apk. Now share your signed documents with virtual signature and save your time and energy signing bundles of documents.


Upload your scanned documents to Cloud Storage

Cam scanner apk download

As you know you can save all your files in file manager this goes with all other kinds of apks too. But camscanner have a specific features which is uploading your scanned documents in cloud storage systems like Google drive, DROPBOX, OneDrive and Box. There is a limited storage in cloud space for free version of Camscanner which is upto 200MB. But if you’re using paid version then you can get upto 16GB of cloud space which you can extend too.


Version info of Camscanner Apk

  • App name :- CamScanner
  • File size :- 63MB
  • Version :- 5.43
  • Last update :- 28-June-2021
  • Android version :- Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above
  • Developer :- INTSIG Informatica ltd.
  • Total downloads :- 300,000,000+


How to download and install Camscanner apk

1. Click the download Camscanner apk button given below


Download CamScanner

2. When app will get download then install it in your android device.

3. If you’re not able to install then go to your setting and change the installing app setting to install from unknown sources.

4. Open camscanner apk and allow Camscanner to access your files manager so that it can access images easily to scan. Allowing it to manage phone calls is not necessary but giving access to photos and media is important.

Download camscanner

5. Tip – Share this App with your friends to get more cloud space to store your documents safely.


FAQ’s on CamScanner apk

We have a small list of frequently asked questions. If your queries are still unsolved then ask us on given contact email or comment below.

Can I fax my scanned document to other country? 

Yes, you can fax your documents directly from camscanner apk. Fax sharing is mainly available in 30 countries currently.


Is this premium camscanner apk or normal version? 

This app is a normal version, for premium apk you have to pay according to their charges. There’s not much difference in both except storage. The in-app purchases of Camscanner is not that high, you can buy thier services for a week, month or yearly basis too.


Where can I find my scanned document pdf? 

You can find it in your file manager or if you have saved it in your cloud space then you can get your scanned document from there.




Camscanner is a mobile app which works as a mini scanner but have more effeciency than than real scanners. You can scan your documents even in road trip or while having your lunch. If you don’t have space in your mobile you can store it in cloud storage.

Free version have enough tools to use but if you are able to pay for premium version then you should go for it. You should abstain yourself from downloading mod version of Camscanner because they breach your privacy and your data might not be in good hands.

If you like our service then do check other apps too which might be unavailable in Google play store.



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