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After the decline of Tiktok, India saw many new apps coming in the market which were similar to or better than Tiktok. One of these apps is Chingari. The Chingari Apk is similar to Tiktok but has much amazing features which makes it different from other short videos apps.

App NameChingari
Offered byChingari
Updated On11th June 2022
Downloads5 Crore+
File size58Mb
Rated for12+

Chingari is a free to download and use apk which shows you cool short videos. It has all types of videos like funny videos, Emotional videos, Educational videos etc.

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It has an inbuilt AI to understand your preferences and shows videos as per your interest.

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Chingari Apk Features

Let’s briefly discuss some of the main features of Chingari app.

Multiple Supported Languages

multiple languages

The app has multiple supported languages so that anyone can use the app. It shows you videos in all languages according to your preferences.

So, Even if you don’t know Hindi or English then also you can watch short videos in it by setting the video language.

Chingari Multiplex

chingari Multiplex

Want to watch a movie? Chingari app doesn’t only have short videos but also movies in it. Search for movies in the multiplex and if you are lucky and the movie is available then you can watch it for free.

Many of you would be thinking how we can watch movies for free as it is illegal. Chingari host only those movies which are free to air and anyone can watch it from YouTube or somewhere else.

Chingari Wallet

Many of us think that chingari is just a clone of Tiktok but this assumption is totally wrong. Had you ever earned a penny in Tiktok by watching their videos? You can do that here!

chingari wallet

Chingari Apk introduces the chingari wallet, so you can earn money on every video you watch. The money is not too much but still it is better than nothing.

Gari Tokens

Chingari has recently announced and listed it’s gari Tokens. These are the crypto currency of Chingari app. You can earn, sell and buy these tokens from most of the well known crypto exchanges.

You can also earn these tokens by watching videos on chingari.

Pros & Cons of Chingari Apk

Here are the pros and cons for the readers to analyse the app. These are just a matter of point of view. The pros or cons can differ for different people.


  • Earn money while watching videos
  • Multiple language videos available
  • Simple Sign up through Google account
  • Watch movies through Chingari Multiplex
  • Free to use app


  • Complex UI for beginners as it is difficult to understand how the Gari Tokens work
  • Sometimes even after changing language of video, it shows videos of other languages
  • Too many push notifications
  • Looks spammy sometimes


Overall, the chingari apk is worth to install and use if you love to watch short videos. It also helps you to earn a little while having fun. If you get any error while downloading or installing the app then please let us know. Thankyou for reading.


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