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In this Covid-19 Pandemic, we all were sitting idle in home. Unable to go outside to play in gardens or to watch movie with family and friends. But now you can watch movies and TV series in Cinema HD apk free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything for this apk but if you don’t want ads while watching movies or TV series then you have to pay minimal charges to upgrade your Cinema HD apk to it’s premium Version.

To use OTT platforms like Amazon prime or Hulu you have to pay for thier service but now you can get all thier content at one place which is Cinema HD. This apk is one of a kind which you can’t even find it in app store. To know more about Cinema HD and How to download it, read the article.


What is Cinema HD apk?

Cinema hd apk

Cinema HD apk is a movie and TV series streaming platform where you can binge watch all of the latest series and movie without paying a penny. All kinds of movies are present in whether it’s Hollywood or from other countries. You can also watch anime like Naruto shippuden or Pokemon with subtitles as well Dubbed Version. All of the content present in this apk have subtitles in English as well as in other Languages too.

Cinema hd mod apk

You can download videos in Cinema HD to watch later as well as you can watch those videos online. If your internet is slow and videos are not running properly then you can download or watch videos in lower resolutions. This App had so much to offer but charges nothing. Only way Cinema HD earns is ads. Just like youtube run ads to generate income similar way Cinema HD apk also earns it’s bread and butter. If you don’t want ads then you can buy premium Version of Cinema HD with very minimal price.

This streaming platform isn’t available in android app store but you can get it from our website. There are so many genres available in it and you can also watch paid content of amazon prime, Hulu, Netflix and other OTT platforms. Watch all of your favorite shows and movies in high definition with Cinema HD apk. In youtube or other such streaming platform you have to search and click on next episode but in cinema hd you won’t find such issues because it have auto play system which automatically selects and runs the next episode of your favorite tv shows.


Cinema HD Version info

  • Name :- Cinema HD (previously HD Cinema)
  • Version :- v2.3.7.3
  • Size :- 30M
  • Downloads :- 1,000,000+
  • Genre :- Entertainment
  • Last updated :- 25-May-2021
  • Requirement :- Android 4.4
  • Price :- Free


Download and Install Cinema HD apk in your android mobile

Movies and TV shows streaming apps like Cinema HD are revolutionizing this generation with cheap entertainment sources. Now there won’t be any hectic and hefty paid subscription’s bill every month. Get everything from latest movies to amazing shows free of cost. I know you’re eager to download and install this app. So here you have the download link and installation process.

1. To download Cinema HD apk you have to click on the given link below.

Download Cinema HD

2. When Cinema HD app gets downloaded, you click that downloaded apk if it is showing in your notification. If downloaded apk is not present in your notification then go to your File manager >>> Downloads and search Cinema HD. Click Cinema HD in your downloads and allow you OS to install Cinema HD apk.

3. If it’s your first time downloading an app from Google and your smartphone is not allowing to install an app from unknown resources then follow this quick steps.

Install mod apk


4. To install Cinema HD in your smartphone, first go the the settings and directly search Unknown sources. There you’ll find an option whether to allow installation from unknown sources or not.

Download hd Cinema apk


5. Activate the option of installing from unknown sources. It allows your android system to install apps from Google and other social medias and chatting apps too.


How to use Cinema HD apk? 

The user interface of Cinema HD app is flawless and easy to use. Even a 5 year old kid can use this app efficiently. Search movies and shows directly from search option. You can also change your genre and release year of movie to search a specific movie content.

Cinema hd download

There is a funnel next to search icon, you can change your release year preference from there. Changing genre us also easy, there are more than 50 genres in cinema hd. You you don’t want to watch any genre or type of movie or series, then you can block that genre directly from settings.

Click on the movie or TV series poster you’ll get download and watch link below. You can choose any of those given links which have clear audio and video. If you don’t want to see the poster of movies or shows you have already seen then click the watched button on that poster. That will remind you that you have already watched this before.

If you want to watch trailers of movie or read reviews before watching a movie then don’t worry you’ll get everything in cinema hd apk. The reviews are taken from imdb which is a trusted movie rating platform. You can also read overview of movie and name of its casts from the posters.

For anime lover this is a heaven because you’ll get both subbed and dubbed versions of anime. The subtitles are mainly in English but you can also find other languages subtitles too.

If you’re tired of work and wants to play with kid or watch cartoons or child friendly shows with them then go to genre and select kids. Now they can binge watch their favorite shows in this pandemic. This apk is totally legal and free to use. If this App works for you then share our article with your friend & relatives too.


Features of Cinema HD apk

Cinema HD is a free platform which provides all popular movies, shows, anime, etc. This application is not available in Google play store but you can download it from here. It have so many amazing features which you can’t get in any other video streaming platform.


Large inventory 

Cinema HD have huge list of videos and TV series. You can even watch movies and shows of early and middle 20th century too which you can’t find in other OTT platforms. Thousands of movies and shows in one app isn’t this amazing?


Smooth user interface

This application is child friendly and very easy to use. You can search any movie from search icon on top and scroll the lists of movie to search your favorite one. Every movie or slow listed in this app have video trailer and written movie overview as well as ratings. You can change the size of posters and resolution of videos from it’s settings. Optimize Cinema HD apk according to your need.


Huge variety in Genre

Cinema hd genre category

You can search movies and TV shows by genre too in cinema hd. There are more than 35 genre currently present in this app. You can also lock the genre if you don’t want to see it. The genre search icon is present next to search icon. There you can find all kind of genres and watch movies and shows accordingly.


Auto Play

Whenever you’re binge watching TV shows or movies in cinema hd you don’t have to go back and select next movie or episodes manually. Cinema hd have auto play system which let it start next video according to its previous video.


Make your own watchlist

Free movies download

If you want to watch a list of movies and TV shows or save it to watch later, then go to any content listen in cinema hd and click heart icon. That red heart icon shows that you have added that video content to your favorite list. Now go to favourites option and watch all your favorite movies and TV series non-stop.


Change video resolutions

If you don’t have cheap internet or high speed internet but still wants to see movies in cinema hd apk? Don’t worry! Just go to settings and general option and off HD mode and lower the video resolution from there so that your video don’t take much time.


Filter video content year wise

Search Hollywood movies

In cinema hd you can watch movies and shows released year wise. If you’re from 90s era and relive that moment again then just filter those video content according to that year and watch your favorite childhood movies and shows.


Minimal charges for premium Version 

Cinema hd premium

In free Version of Cinema HD apk you will gets ads only. Only difference between free and paid version of Cinema HD is ads in between videos that too in minimal amount. So if you’re OK with watching some ads while enjoying a show or movie then it’s good for you. But you don’t like to get disturbed with ads then you can remove ads by paying minimal charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch latest TV series in cinema hd? 

Yes, you can watch latest movies and TV series in cinema hd. Any kind of movie or shows released before 1-2 weeks can be found in Cinema HD apk.


How to buy premium no-ads Version of Cinema HD? 

Membership Cinema HD

Go to settings, there you’ll find VIP membership icon and option. Click membership option and pay with bitcoin or USD. After payment you’ll get a membership code. That code can be used by maximum 3 users and per month price of membership is 1 USD.


How Cinema HD apk earns? 

Cinema HD earns through ads in free Version. Providing huge amount of content with no charges is like a jackpot for this App users. If you’re willing to pay minimal charges for its premium Version then it’s good otherwise free Version also works very well except ads in between videos.


Final words

Cinema HD apk version is a movie and TV shows streaming app which helps you watch latest and your favorite movies and shows free of cost. If you want to watch movies and TV shows then you have to pay for netflix, Amazon prime and hulu but you can get all of those content free of cost in cinema hd app.


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