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Crash of Cars MOD Apk Download latest version for Android

Crash of Cars MOD Apk is a multiplayer online battle royale game which falls in action category. This game is all of crashing with other cars and destroying their cars with power-ups like cannon, bombs, black hole, ice, flame thrower, etc. There are many types of battle royale in this like team match and normal battle royale. All you have to do is to knock out other vehicles by any means.

You can also play this game offline. Crash of cars have 170+ amazing cars with special powers which will help you in game. There are 7+ maps like desert, futuregrid, icefields, etc. You’ll have to make your own strategy in every maps to conquer the game.

Crash of cars mod app will give you unlimited coins and gems to unlock all cars and maps in the start of game. You can also upgrade all the Powerups to easily climb the worldwide leadership board of this game. This game will give you the thrill of car racing and car crash brawls at one place.

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Version info:

Crash of cars unlimited gems

  • App Name :- Crash of Cars
  • Version :- v1.5.12
  • Genre :- Action
  • Total installs :- 10 million+
  • Requirement :- Android 4.4
  • Developer :- Not Doppler
  • Size :- 120 MB
  • Last Updated :- 12-August-2021
  • MOD features :- Unlimited Coins & Gems


Download and install Crash of Cars mod apk

 1. To download Crash of Cars MOD Apk latest version in your android mobile click on the download link given below.

Download Crash of Cars MOD

2. After you click on download button your favourite game crash of cars will start getting download. It will not take much of your time as game size is less . Now click on the downloaded apk file and start installing this game.

3. If you’re unable to install this game in your android device then there must be google app store security control enabled in your app.

4. To install mod app in your smartphone , first go to the setting and search unknown sources.

5. Enable the installation of apps from unknown sources as google app store don’t let users download app from anywhere except thier own app.



Crash of cars offers unimaginable features which can easily confuse the gamers on how such in-depth features are available in this small game. To know about some of those amazing features thoroughly read below :

Unlock wide varieties of amazing cars with unlimited Gems and Coins

Crash of cars app download

As you can read on the image above there are 174 cars currently in this version of Crash of Cars. There might be new addition of classy and powerful Vehicles in next version. We will Update you with the next and most recent mod app of Crash of Cars as soon as it’ll come on google app store. The cars in this game are generally divided in 4 types namely : Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Each and every Legendary and epic vehicles have superpowers which can help you in destroying your foe’s cars.


Use 90+ Vehicle’s Skin to make your Car Look Dashing

Download crash of cars mod app

This is the only car action game within 100mb category to have this many skins. Almost all of them are free as you’ll receive unlimited coins and gems. Skins of cars are generally divided into four groups ,that is Standard, Premium, Elite and Special. All of the cars skins looks perfect. There isn’t much difference between standard and Elite. The design that crash of cars developer team provides is just mind blowing. Im sure you’ll like this new concept of colour changing vehicle skins.


7+ maps in Crash of Cars with eye-catching Asthetics

Download mod app crash of cars

I bet you’ll never get bored playing this game as there are 7 maps and all of them looks quite different. The name of maps are moon, Atlantis, Desert, Gorge, Skygarden, Hypergrid,etc. The hypergrid map is the newest map in crash of cars app. This map gives the feel of 90s neon light in the streets of any south east asian top city. All the maps have some kind of boundaries and holes where your your car fell then then it’ll get huge damage . There are also runaways and many different obstacles which is going to make your gaming experience awesome.



Upgradable power-ups to destroy enemy’s vehicle in one hit

Racing and action game download

There are 15-20 power ups which you can get in the game from mystery boxes. There are some Vehicles who carry some powers and those powers get multiplied if your players takes mystery box. The only way to win this game easily is collect crowns and touch mystery boxes which in turns give you unlimited power that can finish your emeny vehicle in seconds.


Complete Daily missions and win Rare Cars and Coins

Less gb action race game

There are daily 3 mission provided to you in your Crash of cars mobile game app . If you finish this mission then you will get rewards such as epic cars and free gems.

Buy Cars through Lucky Draw slot machine

Download best race game mod

There’s no way you can directly buy your favourite car in this game. To buy any vehicle in this app you have to open lucky draw boxes and that will randomly give you any cars. But with unlimited money in crash of cars mod app you’ll not find any trouble in buying legendary vehicles. There are 4 slots machines according to its car type that is common machine, epic machine, rare machine and legendary machine.


Make your own modified vehicle in Car Lab

Crash of cars

This is one of the most interesting thing about crash of cars. Here you can fuse epic cars to legendary or with rare and make a hybrid car with more power. To make your own modified car you have to click on car lab which is last from the left hand side options. These cars usually have special powers which will help you in winning the game.


Play online at Real time with friends and compete with gamers around the world

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This you can play online as well as offline. You can play this game with your friends too. This game is like mini Battle Royale in online mode where you’ll have 2 teams with 3-3 player in both team. The team which have less number of deaths wins match and get higher scores in worldwide leaderboard.


Download your gameplay on your mobile in Video format with in-built download function in Crash of Cars mod apk

Download crash of cars hacked app

Whatever game you play everything gets screen recorded automatically by crash of cars if you play online. You can download it by clicking on video running after end of game. The video will be in high quality usually. You can share your gameplay in social media easily this way.


Unlimited Money & Gems in mod app

Crash of cars mod app have unlimited money and gems. This mod app also blocks all online ads automatically. The gems and money is sufficient enough to buy all the cars and services inside game and still you’ll be left with heck lot of crash if cars money.


Frequently Asked Questions

After doing little research and analysis on the problems that are troubling gamers while downloading or playing crash of cars mod app we have found the answers of some of them via developers team. Here are some of the Question of gamers and thier answers that I’m going to share with you today:

I’m not able to install this app in my android device, do i have to root my phone?

No , you don’t have to root your smartphone as it can create threat to your mobile as rooted mobiles are easily hackable. You just have to click on the download link and follow the procedure as it is. In some mobiles installations of app downloaded outside of google app store is not possible. But afte enabling the installation of app from unknown devices you can easily access your installed games and apps.


I have installed cracked crash of cars app in my mobile but still the game is normal version, what is the reason behind this?

If you have not deleted the old app before installing this mod app in your smartphone then your mod app will not show as there’s already an un-cracked app in your device. To download mod app in your mobile you have to delete the normal app and then install the mod app . This way your problem will get solved.


In mod app of Crash of cars free Coins and Gems are available but where can i get the most expensive car in this game?

No matter how expensive the car is in this game you can buy it with unlimited gems and coins. You must be talking about the vehicle which can only be unlocked by completing daily missions. To unlock the last vehicle in this game you have to clear atleast 120 daily missions . Clearing 120 daily missions would take 120 days  that’s quite tough and unnecessary when you can buy better cars from unlimited gems. If you’re fan of Tanks a Lot Mod apk then you should give a try to crash of cars too. Both of them are best mini action games.


Final Verdict on Crash of cars Mod apk

Crash of cars mod app is going to give a nostalgia of childhood’s toy cars fight which all of us may have done in some part of our kindergarten days. The genre of this game is all about action so you wont get any kind of racing experience in it. There are various superpowers which you can upgrade as you clear the stages. There are free coins and gems which you’ll get in mod apk of crash of cars. With those unlimited gems you can buy rarest of the rare and legendary vehicles. Some of the Vehicles also posses superpowers like laser tail, bullet reflectors,etc. You can make your own vehicle which have mixture of all vehicles superpowers to tackle enemy vehicles. If you liked this game and its concept then do share it with your friends too.



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