Deezer music player mod apk

Deezer music player mod apk Download for Android

If you want to stream online music for free with high quality Audio and amazing premium Features then Deezer music player mod apk is the best app for music player. Spotify is not available worldwide and it doesn’t have playlist according to country. Deezer music player have playlist for every country and daily update thier top 100 fan favourites in that playlist so that everyone can easily access latest music.

Deezer music player is an online music and podcast streaming platform but it also works offline if you download the songs in your device. If you’re looking for a video player and online video streaming platform then give a try to MX Player Pro apk.


What is Deezer music player mod apk?

Deezer music player is an online music platform where you can listen latest songs in high quality, listen favourite podcasts, radio and much more. The Features provided by Deezer are up to its mark and very helpful. The playlist are modified according to your needs. Deezer music player automatically recognize the type of music you listen and recommend the music you would love in Flow mode. Deezer music is a French company but works in around 189 nations. There’s no other music app which is spread world wide like Deezer. If you want to listen music from your country then choose Deezer instead of spotify as Deezer is available worldwide while spotify is available only in 30 countries.

Deezer music player mod apk

Sign up on Deezer music player account through Gmail or Facebook with one click. Free Version of Deezer music player have ads and lower quality of music which is 128kbps while Deezer premium and Deezer hifi sound quality is 320kbps. In deezer mod app you’ll get every premium feature unlocked, High quality of music and no ads.

Deezer music player is the first app which developed music recognizing system called song catcher. With song catcher you can easily find songs which is stuck in your brain or you’re listening it but don’t know it’s name. You can also sing along like a karaoke with lyrics mode in Deezer music player mod apk. Overall Deezer is the best music player due to its availability around the world. It have partnerships with Sony music, Warner bros group and Universal music group which are the biggest music record label groups around the world.


Why Deezer music player is better than other music players?

Deezer music player mod apk is an online music streaming platform with 30 million paid users. It might not have huge subscriptions like spotify but the sound quality Deezer music player have is better than any other music players. Deezer music app have 80 million songs currently and every Tuesday they add fresh list of latest songs in thier app.

The sound quality of Deezer Hifi goes upto 1,411 kbps. To listen such high quality of music obviously you’ll need a nice pairs of headphones. User interface of Deezer is better and smooth compared to other music players.


Version info

Deezer music player premium app

  • App name :- Deezer music player mod apk
  • Version :- v6.2.31.38
  • Size :- 32MB
  • Genre :- Entertainment
  • Developer :- Deezer music
  • Price :- Free
  • Availability :- 189 Countries
  • Requirement :- Android 6.0 and more
  • Mod features :- No Ads
  • Total installs :- 100 Million+


Download and Install Deezer music player mod apk

1. To download Deezer music player mod apk in your android device click on the download button given below.

Download Deezer MOD app

2. We keep our download link upto date with every update. When Deezer music player mod apk is finally downloaded click on that and start installing in your android smartphone.

3. If you’re not able to install Deezer music player app then go to settings and change the installation of apps from default setting and enable it to install from unknown sources.

Deezer music player

4. After you enable your device to install apps from unknown source try to Install Deezer app again. This time you can easily install it in your mobile.

5. After installing Deezer music player mod apk you have to give basic permission like reading SD card and location so that it can provide music according to your location.

6. Sign up in Deezer music player with Facebook or gmail to use it’s premium Version for free.


Amazing Features

Deezer music player premium app have amazing Features which are very innovate and not available in any other music player apps. Below there are in depth overview about the features in Deezer music player mod apk.

Smooth user interface

Deezer music player mod apk

The design and graphics of Deezer music player is very smooth and eye-catching. There are 8 themes in this app which you can use accordingly. Dark mode is also present in Deezer app which decreases the chance of eye pain and increases the battrey life of mobile. You can read lyrics while listening songs in Deezer music player.


89 Million+ music tracks to download and listen Online

There are more than 89 millions songs available in Deezer music player. Every weekend they add huge list of Internationally famous songs as well as local indies songs too. Out of 89 million songs 70 million are of high quality with 1411 kbps range. Basically 320 kbps are best quality sound and all of the tracks in Deezer music player app are of that range.


Get Recommend songs according to your music type in deezer FLOW mode

Deezer premium app download

Deezer Flow is is an unlimited list of your favorite songs mixed with new tracks which will be similar to your favorite songs. In this mode you can listen a lot of new tracks and add it to your favourites to listen later. Flow suggest new tracks according to our previous searches and favorite music or type of music we listen generally. Flow works best long long drive music in car as it automatically suggests new tracks according to your choice with unlimited amount of songs.


Create own playlist

Creating own playlist is not a big thing. This is generally available in all music apps. But in Deezer Music player you can also share those playlist in social media with your friends and family members.


Download songs

Download songs for free

Suppose you don’t have internet or wifi connection but you still want to listen songs from an online music player. In that case you can download songs from Deezer music player and listen it whenever and wherever you want. These songs will be saved in your SD card or internal memory. You can download all kinds of songs in Deezer music player without any charges.


Works perfectly in all devices

Deezer music player works in all operating system whether it’s Android or iOS. Below you can see Deezer app perfectly working in my apple watch.

Deezer music player in fitbit

Deezer music player is also available in fitbit, windows 8,9 & 10, blackberry OS, MacOS, Apple watch, Amazon Alexa, Samsung TV, Panasonic Tv, Roku, Xbox series, etc. Deezer is the only music player which is available in all online platforms and operating systems.


Listen podcasts and radio

Deezer music player podcast

Listen your favorite podcasts in high quality and clear sound with Deezer music player. You can get all of the latest episodes of podcasts if you subscribe thier channels in Deezer app. There’s also a notification system which will notify you about podcasts you have subscribed.


Identify songs with SongCatcher

Deezer app download

Sometimes we listen to a catchy tune or song in cab or at friends house party or at club and it revolves around our head all the time. Most of the time we are unable to find the song as lyrics are not clear to us. In that case you can take help of Deezer SongCatcher which easily recognize the song and artist name.


Frequently Asked Questions 

We have gone through a lot of queries asked by Deezer music player users and collected some of the most important questions. If you have any questions and didn’t got answers yet then comment below, we will reach you as soon as possible.

Why deezer is not available in China? 

Deezer music player mod apk is currently not available in China and India due to stringent laws and tougher competition. Deezer developers have planned to enter Chinese and Indian market within next 3-4 months. If you want to use Deezer music player in a country where it is not available then you can use VPN to access Deezer music player app from other countries.

Can I add my songs as a creator in Deezer music player? 

Yes you can add yours songs as a creator in Deezer musicians and podcasters app. Deezer have 2 apps one for listening music which is music player while creator app is different and it is free to download from app store.

How to use Deezer HiFi without paying? 

Deezer HiFi have higher quality of music compared to any other premium music player. Generally Deezer HiFi is paid and costs 14.99$ but if you download Deezer music player mod apk from the download link given above then you’ll get Deezer hi-fi for free.


Final Verdict 

Deezer music player mod app have all the paid Features unlocked like Deezer hifi, Deezer flow and no ads. Deezer is known for it’s high quality of music and varieties of music. It have music in every language for every nation as it’s widespread. Unlike spotify or youtube music Deezer easily finds out the type of music you like and give recommendations of your choice. If you don’t have free or cheap internet then you can download your favorite songs and play it whenever you want. All famous podcasts are also available in Deezer music player mod app.


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