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Download Nitro Dash Mod Apk v1.70 – Endless Racing for Android

Nitro Dash Mod Apk: As a gamer, we all have a fantasy of escaping from cops, but how long you can run without getting caught? Here is a perfect game for you called Nitro Dash – Endless Racing Android Game. This game will let you chase the cops, hijack cars, and dodge the traffic.
I assure you that this game will surely pass your time and make you hustle for a great score. You can much more than just running from cops. This game has quite an interesting interface and features to interact with the users and make them friendly to the game.

What’s Nitro Dash Mod Apk?

Nitro Dash Unlocked Apk

Nitro Dash is a game where you’re wanted and the cops are behind you too caught and put you behind the bars. All you have to do is run from them, dodge the traffic and change cars to manipulate them, hijack the running cars from the highway, or even crash-jam the road.
Sound interesting? Isn’t it? Nitro Dash mod Apk has some unlocked features which you surely want to try if you play the game, even for once.


It’s a game, So, it does hold a variety of options and features to introduce. But, here in this section, we are going to discuss what features you’re going to get in this Nitro Dash Mod Apk. Because in the free version, you just have a limited list of cars and tweaks to use.

Hijack Cars

You don’t have to drive stock cars, you can just steal any car of your choice from the traffic. There is more than 30+ type of cars available in the normal mode, whereas 40+ when you reach to the hard level.

Always Wanted

The stars will be active always, the cop will chase you forever in this game. You can’t hide somewhere you feel safe. All you can do is chase the cars.

Pause the Game

The best thing you can do with this game is You can Pause the Gameplay. As it’s an online game and needs the internet connection for better upgrades, still you can pause the game and start again from where you left.

Nitros Available

The name itself calls the meaning, Nitro Dash. You can boost the car speed by turning the Nitros on. It will double your speed and serve you a super-fast driving experience.

Unlocked Characters

There are couple of characters available in this game, most of them are locked and you have to complete come achievements to unlock them. But, here, with Nitro Dash Mod Apk you can directly equip the characters for the play.

Download Nitro Dash Mod Apk v1.70 for Android

Download Nitro Dash Mod

This game can be found on Google Play Store, but there you will find only base cars and all the characters will be locked and you have to unlock them, one after one.
But, if you Download Nitro Dash Mod Apk v1.70 Game from here. You’ll get all the features and options already unlocked, you don’t have to do any effort.

Click on the green button and the downloading will start, for until it gets finished and then, store the Apk File Package somewhere you find safe.

How to Install Nitro Dash Mod Apk

Nitro Dash Mod Apk

It’s easy to install this game on your device, you don’t have to follow any extra step. Just stick with the regular installation process, it will work for this mod also.

  • At the very first moment, you should have to enable unknown sources from your settings. For this, Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Source > Enable.
  • Now, you need the apk package file of the Nitro Dash Mod App. You already have downloaded this in the above step, if not, then download it now.
  • Once you get the file, click on it and press the Install Button.
  • It will take a few seconds to install.
  • After the installation, open the game and start escaping.


How to unlock Cars?

You don’t have to follow the scenario to have that much of coins or points, you can directly unlock any Character or Cars of your choice.
Just go to the desired object and click on the Equip button. It will be unlocked instantly, even without having enough resources. That’s why we call it a mod.

How many Characters are there in this Nitro Dash Game?

Apparently there are 4 characters for now, but you can go with the Beta Programme to enjoy a few more Characters and maximize your fantasy.

Is this Safe?

You don’t need to register on this app, play till you feel bored. This game allows the guest users to enjoy the experience, so be one of them and enjoy all available options and skins to make your experience even greater than a normal user. You don’t need to be worried about anything, this game doesn’t hold any details of yours.

Is it a Simulation game or Racing Game?

This isn’t only a Racing game, Although, you have to dodge the traffic and run away from the cops by boosting the speed to the peak. So, literally it’s a racing game with some extras. Even the name has a proper tagline of Nitro Dash – Endless Racing. Means, it doesn’t have any win-win position but it offers you an endless road for racing.

Final Words

I hope you guys love this Nitro Dash Mod Apk v1.70 and share it with your friends and colleagues who love racing games or have the same fantasy as yours. If you’re looking for some other games or their mod then let us know the name by mentioning the name into the comments box.

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