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Download Truecaller Premium Apk v11.8.7 – For Android

Truecaller Premium Apk: Tired of unknown number calls or spam calls? Here is an app that can help in identifying such numbers for you. With Truecaller Premium Apk you can block fake or spam calls or identify whether it’s a spam call or not.

Truecaller has a base of more than 50+ million users, which is quite good numbers to trust an app of being worth. This app can let you take whole control over calls and messages, you can do customization or put some priorities.

What is Truecaller Premium?

TrueCaller Premium Gold

Truecaller Premium is an app platform that identifies the number and provides you quick access to block spam calls, messages, or find the actual caller ID of the person.
This application can work with your overlay screen software, whenever you get a call or message it will automatically scan it for you and show you the instant result before it hits a single ring on your phone.


Truecaller has a number of great features which aren’t available in any other app, you can say that it’s one of a kind and there is no competition apps for this app.
Let’s begin with some of its highlights and know the benefits of having this app on your device.

Identify Caller ID

It will identify the caller’s ID and number for you, if it’s a spam call, it will alert you before you pick up the call. If it’s safe then it will reflect you the name of the number holder to make it easier for you to identify the person.

Incredibly Fast

This app can identify any number in just an interval of seconds, it won’t take more than a couple of seconds. It will deliver you the name of the Caller ID just after a second of getting the call notification on the phone.

Spam Calls

If the number has been blocked or marked as spam by many users, then this app will let you see the exact number of the reports also. It will alert you about the number, as serving the identity in the red color.

No Ads

In the Truecaller Premium Apk you don’t have to deal with ads. The ads have been removed to make the interface looks clean and the users won’t feel annoyed.

Block Numbers

You can block numbers by instant, just one click, and the number will be blocked for always. Also, you can block a whole set of numbers or series of a number if you want to.
Just add the credentials of the unwanted numbers, and it will block the list of series for you.

Chat Feature Added

In the last update, The developers just added a chatroom option for the users to communicate with the friends on behalf of their saved contacts.

Get Backup

Keep a full proof backup of your calls and messages into Google Drive. Just add your drive mail with the Truecaller account and it will pass all the numbers and history to your Drive Account.

Easy Output

With Truecaller you can easily copy the useful numbers or links from the received messages directly from the status bar. You don’t have to go through the whole message or massaging app for the same.

Download Truecaller Premium Apk v11.8.7 for Android

TrueCaller Premium Download

You need to download the package from here. It isn’t available on the Play Store, and it’s hard to get the same on the internet. We have attached the latest version of Truecaller Premium Apk and if in future the developers release any new updates, our website will hit you with the same.

Click on the below button to Download Truecaller Premium Apk v11.8.7. It’s a direct download link button, click on it and the downloading will start automatically in the next few seconds.

How to Install Truecaller Premium Apk

To install the app on your device you just need a few things to set up first.

  • Firstly enable the Unknown Source. You’ll find this in your Android Settings. Go to Settings > Search for Unknown Sources and Enable it.
  • Now, Click on the downloaded package file and press the install button.
  • It will take a few seconds to install the app.
  • When it’s done installing, open the app, and grant all the permissions.
  • That’s all.

How to make Truecaller as Default?

TrueCaller Premium Apk

To make this app as your default messaging app, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Messages and then clear the Default Settings.
  • Now, Get back to the Apps > find Truecaller > Go to Default Settings > Add as Default.
  • Done.


What’s the difference between Truecaller Premium and Truecaller Gold?

They both are the same, don’t get confused between the two. Just a little change in name but the features and premium subscription prices are same.

Is it safe using this app?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything this app is totally safe. This might ask you about the permissions to access the contacts and messages but it won’t sneak out or spy on you.

Can we register with the Truecaller Payments through this app?

No, sadly you can use that feature through this needs the access of your Bank Details and Security Pins which are quite personal. So, we don’t recommend you to use such options to make any money-payment through this app.

Final Words

So, that’s all for now. I hope you guys love this Truecaller Mod Apk v11.8.7 and if you’re not using this app the Give this app a chance and I assure that it won’t make you regret om your choice.

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