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Fildo Apk is a music streaming app, which let the user listen to free music of any language or country. It’s one of his kind because there are only a few apps available for music streaming, whereas, movie streaming has many options but when it’s about Music Streaming you only have limited options.

They let people listen to free music if the user don’t want to pay, but after couple of songs they just put an ads in between the songs queue. Which is kind of annoying and spoil the mood if you’re listen music through earphones or speakers.

However, Flido app is packed with albums, playlists and podcasts. You will find best-quality audio tracks with many more handy options like in-built music players, download option etc. In short, you’ll get addicted to the App.

What is Fildo App?

Fildo App

Fildo is a music and audio streaming app, which has a huge collection of mp3 songs, podcasts and full albums of almost all artists of any language.

This app has recently joined the 10M+ Downloads Club and with the positive feedback Fildo keep the users tuned with the latest music tracks and didn’t leave them to feel bored with the music.

You can make searches and create playlists of your favorite tracks, or download them to listen offline. With or without the Internet, you can use this app in both cases, if you have saved music for offline view.

Why Fildo App?

There are many reasons why you should have to go with Fildo app rather than any other music streaming app. It doesn’t have any paid subscription, you can stream all the music & audios for free of cost.

You don’t have to pact with limited options as other apps, you can play with many features which isn’t available in any similar streaming app. It plays lyrics with the music, so if you mispronounce something in between, you can check the correct word from the lyrics.

Ads ration is also less and they’ll never bother you while you’re playing something, you might get multiple ads on your screen but none of them will floats in between you and your music.

How Fildo App Works?

Fildo Apk

Let’s be honest with the fact, Fildo app is just a Music Search Engine, which provides you the direct results for the query and redirect you to the file with one click.

Fildo Apk has many link providers and linked websites which has all the hosted files. It doesn’t host any audio or mp3, it’s just a mediator between you and the content. When you search for something on this app, it will search on various other music sites and if they have the same file there, Fildo will directly connects to with the file without leaving the app.

You search for the songs and it will find the right option for you and deliver it to you within a second of interval. No need to rush on the Internet to rush for music, just move your hands on the app and it will make your job done within a second.


Let’s talk a bit more about its features so the viewers can get an idea about Fildo Apk and know how it’s going to be if they go along with this app.

Free of Cost

Not only by words, it’s free by services too. You don’t have to pay anything, it’s a free app which doesn’t have any subscription-based system.

No Subscription Required

You have to create account on this app to enjoy all the features, but it’s just kind of formality. You don’t have to verify your details, you can bypass this just by entering any fake details.

No Ads

There will be ads in this app but none of them seems spammy. The developers had adjusted all units at some fixed points and the advertisement can be seen on only those places.

Save/Download Audio Tracks

You can save music offline to listen them later, without the Internet connection. You can save as many as tracks you want, there is no limit on this.

Collection of Albums

This app has collapsed the whole albums of many artists, you can find full album by tracking a songs root playlist. Or you can directly go through categories and top picks genre to find some good albums there.

Supports Multiple Language

Fildo supports more than 16+ languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, French and Spanish. You can grab music from all these available languages.

In-built Music Player

This app doesn have its own music player, you don’t have to add any third-party player to play your songs. You can change theme of the player and customize a few options to make it handy as per your needs.

Create Playlist

You can create playlists in this app, in which you can add your favorite songs or recently listened tracks which you might want in future. You can create multiple playlists for different lists of music.

Added Lyrics Option

You can also check lyrics while playing music, this app supports lyrics for almost every audio file available on this app. Language can be changed from the settings if it’s not in native language.

Change Background

In this app there are many background screen is available, it will be visible when you’re reading lyrics from the app. Change it according to your interest and you can also add your own custom wallpaper.

Is Fildo App illegal?


Before you download this app I want you to know that this is not an official music streaming app. It’s made by some developers who wants to share free music among the public for free, it’s not authorized by any company or label.

All the music you find here are stolen or copied from the link providers, Fildo Apk doesn’t have any file hosting system, it’s just sharing a link of free music and redirect you to direct music file from the app.

But, There is no risk installing this app because you aren’t doing anything bad, you’re just surfing an app which let you listen free music, so, you’re safe. You can use this app without any risk, as it will never ask you about any personal details from you and keeps you safe.

Download Fildo Apk For Android

To download Fildo Apk for Android you should have to follow a few steps, as they’re must-do steps on every Android handset.

You have to enable Unknown Sources, For that you have to go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. The options or the way of reaching might be different as per your Android Versions. So, You can directly Search for the Unknown Sources from the top right corner search option in settings.

Once you find the result, click on it and enable the same.

That’s all from the settings, You can now come back to your home screen.

Now, you need to download the Apk File Of Fildo App. For this, Click on the below button. It’s a direct download button for the Fildo Apk.

Fildo Apk Download

Install Fildo App For Android

Fildo For Android

  • Click on the downloaded Apk File.
  • Hit install button. Within a while it will be installed on your Device.
  • Open the app and go to More tab.
  • Click on Login Option.
  • Create an Account and Fill all the details.
  • Press submit button and you will be logged into the App.
  • Now you can start streaming free music.

Note: To bypass the login process you can just use any Fake Details while creating a new Account. Fildo App doesn’t verify any details, no matter it’s fair or not.

Install Fildo App For iOS/iPhone & iPads

Fildo For iOS

iPhone doesn’t have much apps for music streaming, for this imperfection Fildo App came up with the perfect solution.

Fildo app is now available for iPhone/iPads, you just have to visit their official download page from your iOS Device and the download button will appear on the screen.

If you surf through your Desktop or Android Smartphone, You won’t find any download button.

It’s a trick to not let any other third party app copy their software for piracy purpose.

Install Fildo Apk on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Fildo For PC

If you’re looking for Fildo Apk to use it on your Desktop then you might not find the exact thing, but I can help you with some other ways by which you can Grab this app easily on your PC.

Use Emulator, as it’s one of the best and universal method which can be used on any platform.

The common thing you must need is Apk File of Fildo App. To Download the Fildo Apk File click on the below button.

Fildo Apk File

For Windows, Download BlueStack.

It will guide for the further steps about how you can install any app on it.

  • Go to the storage and Find apk file which you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on install, wait for a few minutes.
  • Done. Now you can use Fildo App.

For Mac, Use DosBox Emulator.

  • Open the Emulator and find the apk file.
  • Once you find the app, click on the Apk File.
  • Hit Install button.
  • It will be available on your Emulator within a while.
  • After that you can use this app for free music streaming.

Fildo App Alternatives

Not happy with Fildo App? Then there are a few alternatives of Fildo which can help you for sure. Give these app a try and find if it’s worth to you or not.


Currently it’s ranking on the top of the list, The UI of Spotify is very smooth and it serves content in multiple language. It doesn’t have Lyrics Option but it can feed users with a bunch of other functions like import/export of Playlist with friends and Daily Hit List.

Prime Music

Amazon’s Prime also offers an app for specific music streaming, You can use this amazing app to listen free music from the movies and audiobooks which are available on Amazon itself. It has sync lyrics and Save Offline option which makes this app more handy to the user.


An Indian Music app which holds a huge collection of Indian Music as well English and several more languages audio tracks. You may need to subscribe this app for premium option, as it pays the worth of money and let you listen music with short video clips on the screen while playing the track.


Is Flite and Fildo, Both are Different?

No, they both are same, Flite is just an another name introduced by the public to the Fildo. It’s the same app with two names, don’t be confused with the name.

Do Fildo app supports lyrics?

Yes, Fildo holds lyrics option on almost every track you find on the app. From podcast to mp3, you’ll get lyrics on every content.

How to request for songs on Fildo?

You can’t request for new uploads or songs. As I said, it doesn’t host any music by own, it’s just a search engine. You can send them mails if you know some pretty well albums or artists which isn’t caught by the developers eye.

Final Words

In the end, If you have any question or query you want to ask from us then just drop your message into the comment box.
If you stuck something or didn’t understand something from this article then raise your voice, we will surely assist you in short.

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