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Best Working Filelinked Codes 2020 Latest List

Filelinked Codes: It’s hard to find premium apps on the Internet, they’ll suggest you go with Blackmart or other Modded Version of Play Store if you want to download any mod apk on your android.

What is Filelinked App?

FileLinked Codes

Filelinked Apk is a software that lets you store your files on the cloud or download the already existing files just by entering a code.
The code will be given by the filelinked website and it will be the only key to access those files.

How Filelinked Apk works?

Basically, It is a combination of two platforms, filelinked website & filelinked app.
If you’re an uploader then you should visit the website and register there to upload your files, images or apps there. It will generate a unique code for you, along with a pin of 4 digits. Whenever you need to upload or download something you can use that code to do operation.

What are Filelinked Codes?

The unique shortcode works like a password to access the person’s files. You must need a filelinked code, without this, filelinked app is useless.  The length of the will be 8 digits, and 4 digits for the pin, all numerical. Once you find the code, Open the Filelinked Apk and there you’ll find an option to enter the code.

Type or paste the following code whatever you’ve got, and click on continue.  It will take you to the database of the person who owns that code, most of the people provide apks and their modded versions. You can download any file from there, multiple at a time too. Once you’re done with downloading, you can install the other app which you’ve downloaded in the filelinked app.

Why you should use Filelinked?

As I said, It’s a bulk downloader tool that can serve you countless apps that are ready to be downloaded.
You can also upload your apps on this if you got something useless and it seems to be useful for others too. Just visit their website and do upload there and spread your shortcode all over your circle or on the Internet.

And if you’re a user, You can download as many as apps you want to, there is no restrictions or limit over there.
The best thing about this app is, it’s free. You don’t have to pay anything, either you’re downloading or uploading, there are no charges on anything, It’s all free.

Features of Filelinked App

Here are some biggest features which are available in the Filelinked App, and you should have to know about them if you’re going to use this app for the first time.

Free of Cost

It’s a free bulk downloader, you don’t have to pay anything. Neither any account or subscription.

Alternative to Play Store

You can consider it as an alternative to Play Store, as it holds more useful apps than Play Store. All cracked and pirated apps are available here, you just need the filelinked codes to grab them.

Secured Platform

Nobody can make any changes to your database, it’s fully secured as your data has protection which can be only accessed by using shortcodes. You can also set a pin to your shortcode to make it more secure and for limited users.

Bookmark Favourite Codes

If you find some codes which are beneficial for you and are in multiple quantities then you can mark them to favorites, it will be listed in the bookmark section.

Unlimited Storage

If you want to upload something on Filelinked the there are no storage issues at all, you can upload hundreds of apps and keep them alive or update anytime you want.

Download & Install FileLinked Apk For Android

To download the filelinked app you should have to click on the below button, it has a direct download link.
Just click on there and your downloading will start instantly.

Filelinked App Download

  • Click on the downloaded apk file, and hit the Install button.  It will take a few seconds to install all the packages.
  • Once the installation is done, you can open the app and start using it.
  • On the home screen, you’ll find an option to Enter Code.

FileLinked App

  • Enter the filelinked codes there and it will show you the list of apps that are inside that user’s database.

Download FileLinked

  • Now, You can download any package from here and install it on your device.

All FileLinked Codes Latest List 2020

FileLinked Codes List


85810914 – Here you’ll get Kodi Apps and it’s versioned, it also has Aptoide in it which is also an alternative to FileLinked.

88897031 – Looking for ROMs and Android Themes, This code can deliver you almost countless ROMs and Custom Themes which can be downloaded and applied on your smartphone.

38069272 – If you’re using this App on FireStick/Fire TV, this code is for you. In this, there are many apps that will work smoothly on your Fire TV. Give these apps a try and enjoy free benefits.

47603928 – A Complete Apk Market, It has a variety of apps in it, most of them are pirated and cracked versions of paid apps. If you’re looking for some Paid Play Store Apps then you’ll surely this can end your search. The list will be updated every few weeks to modify the apps with their latest versions.

12345678 – Tools which every YouTuber should have to use, or want. With these tools and apps, you can make your YouTube channels more powerful, if you’re doing live streaming sort of content then this is the best pick for you.

11039868 Pin: 1010 – Fre and Ad-Free versions of paid apps from the Play Store. You can download and use these apps without any risk. CCleaner & MX Player Pro, Their paid versions are also available in this code.

44427643 – A bundle of more than 100+ working Kodi Essentials and Wizards. If you’re Kodi user then I can assure you that these tools aren’t available at any other platform in this much of quantity.

Streaming APKs Codes

74238464 – Bobby123 is a streaming website and it has recently launched its app platform for the people to access movies directly from there. You can download Bobby123 App from this code.

14224735 Pin: 9876 – It holds the app versions of the RedBox App, it’s also an online streaming app but does contain more features than just streaming. Cast Screen and Ultra HD Video Quality options are available in this App.

53098718 – This is the official code for FreeFlix HQ App. It has all versions of FreeFlix, along with the iOS and Desktop versions are also available there.

67817931 – It’s a code for TeaTV Apps, it is an alternative to Terrarium TV which is now closed but it can serve you the same streaming experience as Terrarium TV.

35746417 – Another streaming app specified for TVZion. It is a TV Broadcast android app, which lets you watch your favorite TV Shows and Channels live.

22222222 Pin: 4754 – a complete set of streaming apps, here you’ll find a number of streaming apps which are working at this point of time and deliver several streaming contents, TV Channels, News & Movies.

17779393 Pin: 2222 – Premium Version of Spotify and cracked app of Terrarium TV. You can have both of these apps and it’s totally free of cost. This cracked app of Spotify won’t ask you for any account to stream music.

96031172 Pin: 1234 – In Case, the Terrarium TV didn’t work well for you, you can try this code to grab some clones or alternative to Terrarium TV.

78933681 Pin: 9999 – This code is generated by SkyMash Website, which shares free Streaming Apps for different genres and all types of content. Try this code and look forward if you find something worthy.

16553983 – A Biggest platform to download apps that deliver IPTV Services. Along with this, Free Movies and TV Channels Streaming apps are also available here.

Is FileLinked App Safe?

Yes, there is no risk here. All your data and files are safe with filelinked. They’ll never collect any personal information from you. In Addition, Only those people can browse your file who has access code, you can also set a 4 Digit PIN along with the shortcode if you’re afraid of losing data.

Is FileDL & FileLinked are Different?

No, they both are the same, just a change in the name because of different slangs in different regions. It’s one app, with two names. So, don’t be confused with the names.

Does FileLinked App save history?

It can show you the recently used codes, if you mistakenly logged out of any code, you don’t have to worry about finding it back. Just check the history once, you’ll find all the recently used codes there.


So, this was all about FileLinked Apk and I’ve mentioned a list of filelinked codes. I hope you guys have found some useful codes and if you find something useful out of this article, do share this post with your other friends who also use Filelinked app.
You can also share your FileLinked Codes into the comment box, also mention the type of files you’re holding with the code.

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