Fl studio mobile mod apk

FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk (Premium Unlocked)

Before giving a brief on FL Studio Mobile Mod apk i would like to Music is language of soul that connect the listener to all the nostalgia of his childhood or future, happiness or sorrow, love or betrayal and sometimes just a jam to dance shake it off all your stress for some time. Music is one of the high in demand skill which was important part of civilization before and now also.

Music tells a story which comes out of different instruments and every instrument have its own mood and value. Uptil 21st century music was created in a big hall with 10-50 musicians and orchestra with every musician having his own presence and mastery in that instrument. But now you can create a music song with whole instruments from your home by using your mobile. This gave birth to MIDI Player and small music studios which created a history.

One of such amazing software which helped musicians to make music on thier own with less expense by sitting on a small cabin was fruity loops which is now known as FL Studio. For those who dont habe PC or cannot afford FL studio PC version then they can use FL Studio Mobile Mod apk which have all the premium features unlocked.

To have good music listening experience with high quality sound and especially if you’re a music creator Deezer music player mod app will be very helpful for you.

What is FL studio mobile MOD Apk?

Fl Studio premium app free

FL Studio Mobile is a Digital Audio Workstation which is also called as DAW by music directors. It is just like a virtual studio which everyone can access. Before we use to have large group of people playing different instruments and if by chance one of your instrument guy is sick then you have to wait for them till they get healthy. This way music producers use to loose a lot of fortune but after DAW came it saved time, space and money of every one related to music industry.

There are many musicians and DJ like Martin garrix ,Alan walker, Avicii, soulja boy, etc use FL studio to make their songs. FL studio have everything you need to make a next rolling stone hit. You’ll get roll drum, piano, flute,violin, guitars, synth, bongos and hundreds of other instruments which you have never even heard of. You can make music for any genre your like from rap beats to EDM, Electronic ,techno pop, dance hall, Pop, Vintage, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Classical, R&B and much more.

Version info

Flstudio mobile mod app

  • App Name :- FL Studio Mobile
  • Version :- v3.5.16
  • Genre :- Music & Audio
  • Size :- 221MB
  • Requirement :- Android 4.1 and more
  • Developer :- Image-Line
  • Total installs :- 3,500,000+
  • MOD Features :- Premium Unlocked



How to download & install FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk?

1. Best way to download premium FL Studio Mobile app for free is given below. First of all Click on the download button.

2. When your app is finally downloaded click on it to install in your mobile. You don’t have to download any OBB file for it. Just click on install and start this app on your android device.

3. For those who are unable to install this app on your smartphone. Go to your setting and search for Unknown sources.

4. Enable the unknown source that will help you in installing apps from unknown sources without google app store permission. Don’t worry this app is 100% safe with 1 million happy FL studio mod app users.


 Here are some of the amazing features that FL studio mobile mod apk offers to it’s users:

MIDI Controller Support

Fl studio mobile hacked app

You can add your MiDi device with FL studio with cable or through bluetooth. For FL studio mobile, bluetooth works better. Midi controllers are mostly 8 to 12 keys some have more you can easily change your setup directly from FL studio mobile app. Start playing your own beat with physical midi player and feel your jam. If you dont have a MiDi controller then dont worry, use in-built MIDI keys in FL studio moble mod app.

Easy to use interface

Download fl studio mobile mod app

The user interface of fruityLoops mobile app is upto mark, easy to understand and very smooth. Their first few versions had very complex interface which needed atleast 6 month to get use to FL studio app but now its so easy that you can make a headbanger in a day even without any good music knowledge or professional degree.

Start you music creation journey with fully equipped instruments

Download flstudio mod app

There are 198 instruments sample in FL studio mobile while 280 in PC version. You can get all music instruments in FL studio mobile mod app. All you have to do is find the correct one which you need. As there are more choices it’ll be hard to choose a perfect drumbeat or piano sample. Just go through it and enjoy the process of new discoveries and create the best out of your creativity.

Add own voice by recording directly and Autotune it easily

This new feature is makes FL studio a one stop for virtual music studio. Here you’re getting everything you need. From making beats and music to now mixing and mastering vocals in the music to make song sound more mesmerising and soulful. Using autotune and distorted voice like chipmunk make FL Studio No.1 app for virtual music studio. Earlier we had to use other apps to make vocals sound different and mix those vocals to song but now you can do all in FL studio Mobile mod apk.


Save or load your jam in varied formats

You can save your songs in many formats like .wav, .mp3, .aav, .flac, .midi ,etc. Not only save but you can also import those in FL studio and mix or master it. Importing or exporting any media file which is in Audio format will work efficiently in FL Studio app.

With the help of graphic equaliser, stereo imager and tuner easily change the mood of your music

Fl studio mod app download

Having all kinds of virtual instruments make this app heaven for musicians but you can now mix it and master it and change its bass or add synth, give your music life with all these music editing tools presented by FL studio premium which you can download for free.

Get free unlocked premium features and instruments in FL studio mobile mod apk

The cost of FL studio mobile app premium version is around 15$. If you wand HD version of FL studio then it’ll cost 19.99$. The price must be cheap for some but to those who cant pay but want to learn how to make music you can download fl studio mobile mod app from our website for me and become a new star. All your favourite musicians use FL studio to make music. This app provides real music making experience and works best for beginners as well as experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

After analysing so many comments with genuine queries we have selected some of the most asked and important questions for FAQ. If your questions are still unanswered then connect with us directly through mail or comment below.

Why my audio quality of music downloads is getting worse after 2-3 days of Regular use?

FL studio mobile mod app have is working fine in every mobile device who have Android 4.1 or above version of OS. Please do check this app is compatible with your device or not. Also check all the equalisers, filters, tuners, synth etc settings as sometimes by mistake we touch those settings and it distort our music totally. In that case your have to redo that function and change those settings.

FL Studio Mobile is similar to its PC version of fruity loops?

No, the PC version have more features while mobile version is just for fun and learning especially for newbie. You can also start from mobile version as it have more than enough features to make a high sound quality music and after you get little money you can buy PC version of fruity loops. In mobile version of FL Studio mod app you’ll get all premium features unlocked for free.

How to edit own voice in FL Studio Mobile for EDM genre?

First of all you’ll need a good quality mic to record your audio on FL Studio mobile so better option is first record your voice separately on your recorder and from that import the audio file to FL Studio mobile mod app. Now you can use synth , tuners and graphic equaliser pads to change that voice to sound like edm music type voice. The best thing about FL Studio is you can use your creativity and no one will judge you in that process as only outcomes matter.

Final Thoughts

If you have a dream of becoming a music director, DJ or Music producer and make banger music that give pleasure to the ears of listeners then FL Studio Mobile is the best app especially for Android users as they dont have any other choice. iOS user have Garage band and many other similar apps which have everything needed to make a top notch music but android have only FL Studio mobile which is not free. But if you download the mod version from our Website then you’ll get everything unlocked.

There are hundreds of instruments and music tuner and equalisers to give you the feel of realtime music editing. There are some free examples of music in fl studio mobile which you can go through and learn. Import and export your music easily in any audio format. You can also attach midi player to it through bluetooth to make music. If this mod app works perfectly for you then share this among other music lovers too.

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