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Forest : Stay focused MOD Apk (Paid features unlocked)

Addicted to social media or unable to focus on study or work? Forest mod apk will help you boost your productivity and increase your focus on constructive tasks.

There are various productivity apps on internet but Forest : Stay focused app is different from them. It not only helps users in attaining focus on thier important tasks but also save the nature by planting real trees. You can plant trees with the coins you get by being focused on Forest mod apk. Overall Features of this app is clean and simple. You can also add your friends and have a friendly competition on who can focus on study/other tasks more and grow more trees on thier virtual land. To know it’s in depth Features and installing process read below!


What is Forest : Stay focused mod apk? 

Download Forest mod apk

Forest : Stay focused is a productivity app developed by Seekrtech Inc. They have came up with an amazing idea of planting trees for thier app users who focus on constructive tasks and abstain from wasting time on social media.

Forest mod app

The virtual coins you get after completing tasks in forest app is not useless, you can use that coins to plant real trees around the world. Forest app team will plant tree saplings to the country they are functioning on your behalf. There are more that 30 countries where forest app is planting trees and saving nature for future generation.

Forest : Stay focused app have won best app of the year award by Google in 2016 and best productivity app award on 2018. This app have impacted real life world by helping their users to focus on important tasks and beat phone addiction while helping nature by growing trees.


How Forest : Stay focused mod apk helps in overcoming phone addiction?

This app is specially made to make you a productive person and overcome smartphone addiction. This productivity app works like a game which helps you focus on your study or work and indirectly helping recover earth. If you’re a nature lover who wants to focus on your own work but aslo want to plant a tree then this App is the best solution for you.

Forest stay focused mod apk

Now let’s understand how this app works:

  • When you open the forest app, there will be a time in the home screen.
  • Set time between 10 mins to 120 Mins (2 Hours) in the timer according to your focus limit.
  • After you set time, click on plant and the timer will start.
  • Idea behind this is when you start focusing, app will plant a seed on your virtual land and tree will start growing.
  • If you use any social media or unnecessary apps and break your focus then the plant will ultimately die and you won’t get any rewards.
  • If you successfully focus and abstain from using phone then you’ll get your tree will grow in that virtual place and successfully create own forest.
  • Later you can use those trees to earn coin and Plant a real tree by using that coins.

Forest stay focused download

  • Track your productivity with chart representation on overview and time-line option.


Version info

  • Name :- Forest : Stay focused
  • Version :- v4.38.3
  • Size :- 151Mb
  • Installs :- 9,000,000+
  • Publisher :- Seekrtech
  • Android :- 4.2+
  • Mod :- Premium Unlocked
  • Price :- Free


Download Forest mod apk for Android

Forest mod app is an award winning productivity app. This app have been suggested by many internet gurus who are known for their time management and productivity tips. To download forest : Stay focused mod app on your android device follow the instructions given below:

1. To download forest mod apk click on the download mod apk download link.

Download Mod apk

2. If you want to download Google app store version of forest mod apk then click this link.

Download Forest apk

Forest app download

3. After you click download button, forest mod app will start downloading.

4. Now install the mod apk on your android phone and start living a disciplined life by focusing of Important tasks.

(Important :- Before installing Forest mod apk on your mobile, delete Google Appstore version of this app from your mobile otherwise mod app will not launch on your device.)


Plant real trees around the world with Forest mod apk

Forest app plant trees

Once you complete the task of focusing on work or study successfully, the seed you planted will grow into a virtual tree. When you grow a tree it also unlocks achievements and coins.

The coins unlocked in this app have real life use. You can spend these coins to grow real plants around the world.

With Forest stay focused mod apk you’re not only boosting your own focus and productivity but you’re also contributing in planting real trees around the world.


Best productivity app to boost focus

This is a certified best app on productivity genre because it had won numerous awards from Google as well as Apple appstore.

List of awards won by Forest ‘Stay focused’ app after it’s first release on 2014 :-

  1. Best app of the year award by Google (2015-16).
  2. Editors choice award on productivity genre by Google (2016).
  3. Nominated for best social impact app by Google play (2018).
  4. Best self improvement app by Google play (2019).
  5. Apple have Featured forest app on its “Amazing apps” TV commercial.

We have discussed awards won by forest app but now I’m going to share the reward which it have given to its nature friendly users :-

“Forest: Stay focused app have rewarded thier users by planting 1 million real trees around the world “. 


Many media houses have appreciated the concept of forest app, here are some of the examples:

“Forest works well, and if your goal is to be more in the moment, ignore your phone and actually talk to your friends when you are with them, this is the app for you.”— The New York Times

“In order to establish new, better habits, it’s helpful to engage with tools that make it easier to reinforce them. For anyone looking to curtail their phone usage, the Forest app might be for you.”— Business Insider

The cute gamified timer and clean user interface makes forest mod app easy to use and highly engaging app. With more than 9 million paid users forest app is one of the best productivity app. The concept behind this app is the most important thing which makes it’s special to users.


Most recommended app for practicing Pomodoro technique

Forest mod apk is a productivity app based on the idea of using Pomodoro method of time management to increase focus on study or assigned work. Pomodoro technique is invented by Francesco Cirillo in 1987. His technique is used widely by students and working professionals who wants to increase their productivity.

In Pomodoro technique the user have to work or study for 30 Mins traditionally but you can set timer according to your limit. 30 mins study and 10 mine break after that like that this technique is used. This technique have helped many by increasing thier productivity. If you’re struggling to focus on your study or work then you should try this technique with Forest mod apk and say bye to your phone addiction.


Features of forest mod apk

  • Beat your phone addiction
  • Increase focus
  • Help in planting real trees around world.
  • Compete with friends and family.
  • Track your statistics in daily, weekly monthly and yearly mode.
  • No ads
  • Supports 75+ languages
  • Trees unlocked
  • Helps you live a self disciplined life


Frequently Asked Questions on Forest mod apk 

We have collected some of the most asked questions on Forest mod apk. If you have any questions regarding forest : stay focused app then comment below. Our team will solve all your queries as soon as possible.

Q. I’m not able to install mod app on my Android mobile

Check your android version, it should be 4.2 atleast. If you’re unable to install as your device is not allowing then go to your settings and search unknown sources >> allow installation of apps from unknown sources and install again. To install other mod games and productivity apps like Camscanner mod apk visit home page. We have huge list of mod apps and games for free.

Q. Can I compete with my friends in forest mod apk? 

Yes, you can compete with friends and also share coins with each other and Plant trees together. Compete with friends and also global forest app users with mod apk. This is a paid feature so either pay little amount to avail these Features or download Mod version of forest app.

Q. Why my tree dies all the time when I use phone to check notifications? 

Download Forest stay focused mod

The whole concept of putting timer and staying focused is not using mobile. In 21st century the biggest distracting factor is mobile. Either you check notification or open any other app, your tree will die. To grow tree you have to stay focused on the task you bad assigned to yourself.



Ever felt like you’re wasting a heck of time on social media and want to utilize that time for constructive tasks like study, work or hobby? Forest : Stay focused mod apk has came up with an interesting solution which will make you disciplined and focused. Everytime you put a timer and complete the task you’ll get a virtual tree and some coins. With those coins you can plant a real tree. Uptil now forest apk team have planted 5 million trees. Help them grow more trees while helping yourself increase productivity.


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