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Download Free Tinder Gold Apk v11.7.0 For Android

Free Tinder Gold Apk: As we all know Tinder is one of the best and leading app for Dating. Anybody can find a partner to date, start a relationship with or can hookup for party and fun.

This app is driving people crazy because the user can set the search filter as per his/her needs. If you’re looking for women, it will deliver the results which have girls and women and vice versa.

With Tinder Gold Apk you don’t have to pact with limited options. You can do much more than just swiping, also some major changes are rolled out in the mod version of Tinder Apk.

What’s the Tinder App?

tinder gold app

It’s a dating that lets you choose a perfect partner yourself, you’ll get a bunch of profiles that are available for the meetup. Just swipe them to the right if you like them, or if you didn’t like then just swipe left.

Don’t be shy while making any decision, It’s your life so make sure you’re picking up the best. There are millions of people around you, most of them are single or looking for a partner to spend the rest of their life. So, it’s a good opportunity to introduce yourself openly to the public whom you can’t just physically explain yourself.

How does Tinder Works?

This app searches the nearby profiles of your interest and shows you an overview of it. If you found some good person just swipe the right, it will be counted on the favorite list of yours, or if you fall in first sight love with somebody on the first look, just give them a super like. If the person does the same to your profile, it will become a match for both of you.

Once you get a match, the inbox option will appear on your screen. Now, you both can begin with a conversation. After that, you can do chats, fix some nearby places to meet or anything you’d like to.

Why you should use Tinder?

There is no solid reason behind this app but If you’re an introvert, or feel shy while asking any girl for a date then this app can do all the job by itself. Just make your profile looks great and add some interesting feeds about yourself.

Tinder will feature your profile on the other user’s screen which is living nearby to your place and is in need of a partner. If you’re lucky then you’ll surely get a perfect partner.

The chatroom will be unlocked when you both likes each other, until then, there is no way to make any connection with the other person. This means, you have full privacy and nobody can text you until you don’t want them to.

Types of Tinder Accounts

There are mainly two types of Tinder Profiles you’re going to face, all of them have different abilities and features. Let’s catch-all one after one.

Free Trial Pack

Which comes totally free and anybody can create a new profile and start with this. Here you’ll get a limited amount of swipes and only one Super Like a day.

Tinder Gold

Where the profile remains the same but the amount of Super Likes is increased, now you have 5 Super Likes for each day. It’s paid, and cost around $14.99 for a month.

Download Free Tinder Gold Apk


tinder gold download

As I said this is paid but If you don’t want to spend your bucks over here then you can Download Free Tinder Gold Apk from here. It is already patched with the Gold Account and has all unlocked features.


No Ads

This app doesn’t have any ads, you can freely use this app and it won’t bother you in any case. Even if you’re on free version or you have the Tinder Plus Apk. In both cases, there will be no ads at all.

Free to Download

If you go through the Tinder Settings and purchase the Gold Apk from there, it will cost you $14.99. But you download the app from our website then it will be totally free for you. It’s the same package and has all those below-mentioned features in it.


If you somewhere swiped wrong and want to undo your action then this option can let you the same. Earlier there is no such thing to correct the mistakes, but now you can have a proper functioning app along with handy features.

Unlimited Likes

There is no limits on likes, you swipe as many times you want. The list will be long enough to swipe, you can’t reach to the end of it.

Increased Super Likes

Now you can have 5 Super Likes for a day, you can send Super Likes to 5 profiles every day. It will be filled in the next day by automatically with 5 more.

1 Month free Boost

Your profile will be listed into the featured profiles and will be shared on the other user’s timeline to engage you with more people as you’re the premium users and the developers must have to find a mate for you, as you’ve paid them more than the usual users.

Download Free Tinder Gold Apk For Android

tinder gold apk download

To download the Free Tinder Gold Apk Click on the below button. It’s a direct download link button for the Apk File.

Tinder Gold Apk

It’s the latest version of the free tinder gold apk, and if there will be any new version update, we will notify you with the changelogs and the latest version package.

Install Free Tinder Gold Apk on Android

The installation process is quite simple, you don’t have to do anything new for this, it’s the same as any other third-party app installation on the device.

But, if you’re going to do this for the first time then you should have to change a few setting options. Nothing to be worried about, I’m here to tell you each and every step until you get this app installed on your handset.

First of all, you must have to enable an unknown source. As it’s the major tweak you should have to enable because it holds all the permissions which you need while installing any app from the external web.

  • To enable the option, Open Settings > Security & Privacy > Scroll down to the Unknown Source label. Once you reach there, just swipe on the tick mark to enable the option.
  • Now, you’re done with the settings. Get back to your homepage or the file manager where you’ve stored the file of free tinder gold apk.
  • Click on the file and press the install button.
  • It will start loading and take a few seconds to load all the packages.
  • After a couple of seconds, it will be installed on your device and afterward, you can start using this app.

How to use Free Tinder Gold Apk

free tinder gold apk download

It’s easy using this app, there is no hurdle to stuck at, the navigation and the interface of this app is too sleek that anybody can easily get an idea about how to use free tinder gold apk even if it’s the first time.

  • You just have to open the app, create an account.
  • Do a simple login if you’re already a member, but I suggest you make a new profile. It will be good for you.
  • Enter the required details, like Name, Age and Bio. Make sure that they look pretty catchy to the viewer.
  • Set your interest, it can be Male/Female, as per your choice.
  • When you’re done with these steps, go to the homepage of the app.
  • You’ll start getting suggestions.

If you like somebody then just swipe the profile to the right side, it will deliver them alike. In case the person does the same with your profile, it will be considered a match.
If you didn’t like any person then just swipe to the left side, it will vanish from your screen.

How does Super Like Works?

Sometimes we see the profiles which make us fall in love with their first impression. For those cases the Super Like was introduced, Super Like a profile which touched your heart and it will stay in your priority list and the person will get to know that somebody has a true crush on them.

To hit the profile with a super like, just swipe the profile up, it will automatically generate a super like for the person.


What’s the main difference between Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold?

Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold, both holds the premium features. Both are paid and the has almost same features in count. Only a few were introduced as new in the Tinder Gold Apk.

You can say that Tinder Gold is packed with a few extra features than Tinder Plus.

Why do we need to grant permissions?

This app focuses on Location based searches. If the other person belongs to your native location, it will give them more priority and later results will be from the far destinations.

You only have to allow the GPS permission so it can track your current position and offer you some nearby profiles to meet.

What does the 1 Month Boost mean?

This means your profile will be featured on the board, and people who are in touch with your native location will surely see your profile as a suggestion on their app.
If this happens, then you have more possibilities of getting a match.

Is it legal?

Yes, it’s totally legal. There is nothing to be worried about, it’s legalized by government and officials. You can earn as many as partners you want.

Carry them to parties, go for a date or pass your time with them by doing late-night conversations and much more.

Is it safe using Tinder Gold Apk?

Yes, your identity might be public but details will be privacy. Only you can set priority over your profile. You can hide details like Age and interest if you’re not feeling well with sharing these stuff openly.

Overall, your personal information is safe with Tinder. There will be no breach of data leakage, So feel free while using this app.

Final Words

So, this was all about the Free Tinder Gold Apk. I hope you guys have got what you was looking for. If still you have any doubt or uncleared query, just drop the same in the comment box. We will surely assist you as fast as we can.

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