Hill climb racing mod apk

Hill Climb Racing mod apk download (Unlimited Money)

Hey guys, today we gave came up with Hill climb racing mod apk. It is one of the most downloaded racing game not only in android but also in iOS and Windows. This is not a typical racing game, it’s more of a climbing hilly slope game. This game have 35 stages and more than 28 vehicles which you can upgrade with your unlimited money.

Hill climb racing is an adventurous game where you can race from north pole to moon. The main condition of this game is balancing your vehicle. If you won’t be able to balance the vehicle the wobbly neck of driver is going to break for sure. Let’s learn more about Hill climb racing mod apk game and know it’s Features.


What is Hill climb racing mod apk?

Hill climb racing mod apk

Hill climb racing is developed by Fingersoft, a Finnish game developer. They made this game for android on 2012. After becoming one of the most downloaded racing game for Android they also developed it for iOS and Windows operating system.

The name of driver is Newton Bill, who wants to become an uphill racing star. In the start he will have a Red colour Hill climber vehicle. You have to help him cross all the stages by upgrading the vehicles. Unlock new amazing vehicles like Carantula (Tarantula shaped Car), Hover craft or Sleigh to easily cross tough stages in Hill climb racing game.

This Game is different from other racing games because you have to balance your vehicle all the time. Hill climb racing have focused on the physics behind the game and gave an amazing real like Hill racing experience to the gamers. This Game is hard because of its uneven Hills which is full of ups and downs. Driving car on flat surface is very easy but when it comes to hilly surface then the chance of tripping and crashing car is highest.

Hill climb racing mod apk

You can make your own car in garage which is present in this game. First you have to unlock the garage and then find the parts of car and then assemble it. There’s also weekly events and daily challenge in this game. Completing daily challenges can give you more rewards compared to completing stages. The only problem is you’ll get only 5 free chances to complete daily challenges, after that you have to give some diamonds to play daily challenges.


Features of Hill climb racing mod apk 

In this version of Hill climb racing mod apk, you’ll get new vehicles like carantula and many new levels like Ragnarok and Tunnel. The features of this game are known by all of the gamers as most of the Downloaders are downloading it out of Nostalgia. We all had played this Game once a while in our past. As time moved, developers also make this game better with more Features. Let’s know about some of the amazing Features of Hill climb racing game.


Play offline

All stage unlocked Hill climb racing  

Hill climb racing mod apk is an offline game. If you want to buy any in-app purchases like money or diamond which is not needed in mod version you can play it offline. Playing offline means you won’t get silly ads in between your game. Usually in free games ads come after every 5 mins which disturbs the gamer mood. In mod apk you will also have ads block so you can play online too without any issue.


Huge collection of Vehicles

Download Hill climb racing mod

There are 30 vehicles in this latest version of Hill climb racing game. Newly added carantula is worth driving as it doesn’t have any wheels. Not all the vehicles in this game are like car. Some are bikes and uni-cycle. Some have reindeers to pull your sleigh and some have robotic legs like carantula. The most expensive vehicle is sleigh currently. Using sleigh in christmas theme will be amazing as it’ll give the feel of 25th of December and childhood memories. Other than that you can also find Monster truck, Hippie van, Quad bike, One wheeler, Police car, Ambulance, Chopper, Low rider, Snow mobile, Kid express, Moon lander, Rocket, etc types of vehicles in Hill climb racing mod apk.


Daily challenge 

Hill climb racing game download

There will be some daily challenges which will give amazing rewards of you’ll clear it. In Daily challenges you can play different levels without even unlocking it. There are 5 chances to complete those daily challenge. If you are not able complete it in 5 chances and still wants to play again then you have to trade some diamonds for it. You’ll get unlimited diamonds in mod Hill climb racing game just download it from the link given below and follow all the rules properly.


More than 28 Stages

Hill climb racing mod download

The no. of stages are increasing with it’s latest version. There were only 5 stages when Hill climb racing game was published in 2013. But now it have 28 Stages like moon, arctic, north pole, alien planet, cave, mars, Volcano, roller coaster, nuclear plant and space mission. First stage of Hill climb racing is country side. This stage is present in all versions of this game. Whenever we imagine about Hill climb racing the stage with comes in mind is countryside. It is easiest compared to other stages obviously. The hardest stage was arctic cave for me as it was hard to do stunts or air time there because of its limited space.


Garage mode

Download hacked Hill climb racing game

Now customize your own vehicle in garage mode of Hill climb racing. You can add monster truck tires to your small buggy. Add any kind of vehicle body frame to your car. Make your own brand. Re-invent amazing vehicles in your garage and play Hill climb racing with it. This mode is newly added in the latest version. Before this you had only limited choices of vehicles but now make your own. Customize your vehicle with your  imagination and win all the modes easily. You can have 2 wheels or 4 wheels it’s upto you. You want truck wheels or tank wheels that also you can decide now.


Version info

  • App name :- Hill Climb Racing
  • Version :- 1.49.3
  • Genre :- Racing
  • Size :- 80M
  • Downloads :- 30000000+
  • Operating system :- Android 4.4
  • Publisher :- Fingersoft
  • Updated on :-  26-june-2021


How to download and install Hill climb racing mod apk?

Downloading Hill climb racing game is as easy as blinking your eye. Just click to the given link. If download link is broken do tell us in comment section. We care about our users and will fix any issue it instantly. Don’t expect to download this game in iOS as this is specially for Android.

Download Hill climb racing mod apk with quick steps :

1. Push the download button below. This game size is 80Mb. Time taken to download this will depend on your network and mobile.

Download Mod Apk

2. If your Mobile asks for installing this game then click yes. If you didn’t got such pop up then go to your file manager and find this apk and open it from there.

3. Not able to install even after clicking the mod apk in your file manager? Go to your settings and enable installation of apks from unknown sources and try again!


Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on hill climb racing mod apk

How can I open hacked version in this game?

You don’t have to do anything. Just downloaded and install the game and start playing. You’ll get unlimited money and diamonds. Buy vehicles and stages from it and play freely.


Do I have to root my phone to install Hill climb racing mod game? 

No. You don’t have to root your mobile to install this game. This game is cracked in such way that it can be used in any android mobile without root or any hack. Just follow installation process properly written above and enjoy racing in hills.


Why Im not able to download Mod Hill climb racing apk? 

First of all, you have to delete Hill climb racing apk which you have downloaded from play store. Then download Mod apk from our website with proper process. If your not able to open mod apk then try to install it after closing your internet or change your settings to install apps from unknown sources.


Final Words

Hill climb racing mod apk is as amazing game which consists of racing and climbing Hill. You can do stunts like front flip or back flip which will help you score good money and points. Being in air for longer duration is also a plus point to achieve good score. This game have unlimited amount of money and diamonds. The problem of fuel arise in this game so often when we stuck somewhere, but in moded Hill climb racing you won’t find such problems as fuel is unlimited. This game have 2d graphics but the physics applied in driving and varieties of vehicles and stages makes this game the best Hill climbing race game.

If you are interested in downloading more such mod games and apks then you can find all of it in our website apkduniya.com. If you find our website helpful then please Share it with your friends and family.

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