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Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD Apk Premium

Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom MOD apk is a roleplaying game based on developing a Castle and saving Queen from Evil monster. If you like to be the Prince charming of cute queen who is kidnapped by anti-hero and win her castle back by making your own infantry team with strong armoury then this is one of the best game for you.

If you are totally into action games and don’t want to indulge in much of roleplaying then you can try Crash of Cars MOD Apk. But if you are interested in roleplaying games and like to play the role of a prince and warlord who is raising own army and teaching them fighting skills, such kind of interesting gameplay is only possible in Hustle Castle Kingdom games & Medieval tycoon RPG.

This game will give you the feel of medieval times with the armour and weapons which is totally based on medieval period. You’ll get unlimited coins and gems in it to upgrade your fighters. The castle will have so many rooms, each assisted of different tasks and generate coins or food supply for Castle. This game have good graphics with funny cartoons and awesome storyline. To know more about Hustle castle mod app read below.

Hustle Castle : Kingdom games & Medieval tycoon RPG

Hustle castle mod app download

 Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom is a Roleplaying game developed and published by B.V. on October 2017. This game became one of the most popular game in 2020-2021 time period after its ads got viral. This ranks as one of the top ten Role playing game in Google Appstore. Hustle castle game is a one player game which mainly works online but you can also play offline.

Here you can compete with other players directly through squad matches which you can play with squad match cards. To enter in any big tournament you have to use that card. This game is highly addictive for RPG gamers. Overall the level of Game is very easy with mod app but still there will be some challenges while rising up as a new king with own army and castle.

Hire your own army and teach them how to fight so that they can get upgraded easily and win fight again orcas or monsters easily. There’s an option of raising babies if your put dwellers in living room together. They will have a baby and later they will help you in handling castle and fighting in wars too. There are many other mini games and features which is described in-depth in features section given below.


Version info

Hustle castle mod apk

  • App Name :- Hustle Castle Kingdom games & Medieval Tycoon RPG
  • Version :- v1.41.2
  • Genre :- Roleplaying
  • Download Size :- 142MB
  • Requirement :- Android 4.0
  • Total Installs :- 3.3 million+
  • Developed By :- My.Com.B.V.


How to download and install Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom Mod Apk?

1. First of all you have to click the green button given below to download Hustle castle mod apk in your mobile.

Download MOD Apk

2. After your app gets downloaded, click on that downloaded app if its showing in your notification.

3. If you didn’t got the notification of your downloaded app then go to downloads option in your Smartphone’s internal data and click on it.

4. When Hustle castle is installed properly in your mobile then you can go and play that game any day ,any time but sometimes new users who have downloaded this app for first time are unable to install it in thier app as per google play store guidelines.

5. If your google play guidelines are hindering your smartphone to install apps from unknown sources then go to settings and search for Unknown sources and enable installation of apps from unknown sources.


 There are so many amazing game features and mod features of hustle castle mod apk which i am going to share with you today .

 Build a Medieval Castle

Download hustle castle mod game

Building a castle will give you enough space to keep new dwellers and run big palace. To upgrade palace and add more rooms to it you’ll need coins and diamonds mainly. Every room in the palace have specific tasks which is important for winning this game. You can upgrade those rooms to so that more dwellers can join your army.

Defend your Castle

There will be thousands of attacks on your castle in this entire game storyline and you have to win every game with with your team of dwellers. All these dwellers can be trained to be a warrior and some of the dwellers handling other departments of castle like producing food or making weapons. All these collective efforts in every department of castle can help you win games and defend your castle easily. You can also put barricades but they wont stay there for long if your enemy is strong.

Produce and Collect Resources

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As you all know if you work hard and play hard then unfortunately you’ll get hungry. Because all the energy we put into those wars and defending castle comes from the food that is produced in castle cook shop. You have to assign a dweller who can be in the cook shop room to get enough amount of food for all other dwellers to fight in war.

Craft weapon and Armour

 Hustle castle fantasy kingdom mod apk is totally based on roleplaying. Here you can craft own weapons with coins and diamonds and upgrade it accordingly. The higher you upgrade your weapons and armour, the chance of winning the game will become higher.

Train your dwellers

Download hustle castle game mod

Dwellers are just normal persons with no special powers. But after proper training and giving them higher level weapons and armour they become stronger to safe your castle. You can’t get so many dwellers at once. First you have to upgrade your castle then only more dwellers will come. If you won’t have space for dwellers then they’ll not come. To upgrade castle you have to win wars or directly upgrade it with money. You have to make a training room in your castle especially to train your soldiers.

Play with your Friends in Online mode

Hustle castle mod app download

Hustle castle fantasy kingdom mod app is an online game which you can also play offline. But the real gameplay and storyline is present only in online mode. Battle with other team mates and enemy troops to win food, coins, armour, clothes and weapons. You can also invite your friends and play with him online in Hustle castle mod app.

Engaging roleplaying story

Roleplaying game app download

 If you like reading or listening to the story of kings, queens, royal empire, castle, wars, etc. And you want to play the role of a royal character like prince and save princess from the abyss lord captivity then this game is made especially for you. Enjoy the amazing story line of hustle castle and play the character of hero and win the game.

FAQ on Hustle Castle mod apk

 Here we have a small list of most asked questions by genuine gamers who have downloaded hustle castle fantasy kingdom mod app from our website.

• Why i’m unable to download hustle castle mod app even after following proper download procedure?

Before downloading mod app of hustle castle delete the old existing app. Because unless you delete the normal version of this app you cant download hustle castle mod app. If you’re still facing this same issue then let us know in our comment section or contact us through Email.

• Do i have to download OBB file to use mod in hustle castle game app?

No, there isn’t any necessity to download OBB files to play hustle castle mod apk. Just click on the download button and install it like any other gaming app. If your device doesn’t allow to download mod apps then change the settings as per the instructions.

• I have received unlimited coins and energy but no gems. How to unlock the Unlimited gems mod?

 If you have downloaded hustle castle game from our website then I’m sure you’ll get both unlimited coins and gems. If your app is not showing unlimited gems then delete that game and download again. Do check that all the caches and cookies by original Hustle castle app is deleted otherwise it creates trouble in mod app. Sometimes mod app doesn’t work due to saved caches of originally downloaded games.


 Hustle Castle Mod apk is quite challenging but interesting game. With mod features like free coins and gems it’s become easier to step up from zero to hundred instantly. With unlimited coins you can buy more advanced weapons and armours and upgrade your dwellers and castle without breaking your sweat.

Download hustle castle mod apk from our website to get real working app with unlimited coins and gems. In this game you have to play the role of a prince and defeat the demon who have kidnapped princess and her family. You’ll get a castle which you have to upgrade all the time to get more dwellers and defend own kingdom from enemies. This game can be played offline as well as online. There are also multiplayer matches in it to boost your scores in global leadership board. Overall this is the best RPG game of year 2021.


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