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Idle Firefighter Tycoon Mod APK Download for Android

Firefighters are the backbone of any modern society. They have to be very quick to respond in any kind of firefighting or natural calamities. In Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk game you can play the role of a firefighter’s boss. You have to manage a firefighting station. This is a role-playing and simulation game. Simulation is nothing but game taken from real life background and we have to manage everything in it just like doll house which some of you have played in your childhood. Here doll represents human and you’re handling or role-playing the doll and maintaining the house. Similar way you have to maintain everything in Idle firefighter tycoon game. Overall this game is small in size with a certain boundaries but you can upgrade your characters and vehicles which makes this game lengthy and worth playing.


What is Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk?

Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk is simulation game where you have to play the role of the fire station’s boss. This game is especially made for kids as well as for those who wanna learn or know how firefighters work, what are thier job roles and what else they do in thier professional lives. You can hire firefighters to grow your fire station business. You can also expand your fire station and upgrade everything in that with the help of unlimited money and gems.

Download Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk Download idle firefighter tycoon

Now I’ll give you a brief introduction on the various other roles which you have to play in this game and how whole firefighting mission works. First of all you’ll get an empty place and some money. You have to hire firefighters and call attendees as well as buy fire van and upgrade it to a fire truck. Call attendees will work on emergency call center from where they will get call from victim of fire incident and then call attendees will tell it to the firefighters. Then those firefighter will go to the location with thier fire trucks to extinguish the fire.

There will be a board in emergency call attendees room which will tell you exact number of calls to attend. To increase your work flow hire more call attendees and desk where they can sit and attend call. To increase their efficiency upgrade their level to max through money. You can also expand your fire station upto 3 times of its initial size. If there’s no emergency call then firefighters can relax and take rest in waiting room. You can upgrade your waiting room by putting T.V. And board games too.

Besides this, there are equipment room, kitchen and bathroom in fire station. In equipment room you can store your yellow helmet and firefighting uniforms before and after extinguishing the fire in the city. You can upgrade your equipment store so that other firefighters don’t have to wait longer. Kitchen will be there too, whenever they are hungry they will eat food there. You can also upgrade kitchen so that all the process works faster. Same goes for bathroom, you can upgrade your bathroom so that others don’t have to wait longer. If all these process will be smooth and fast then there will be more earnings than expenses. Your expenses will be the salary of your employees.

Team leader of Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk

To increase the work effeciency of all the departments in fire station you can also assign or hire and team leader or team captain who will look after everything and increase the income of the fire station.


Features of Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk 

Just like any another simulation game, Idle firefighter tycoon is also a lengthy game with minimal graphics and story line. Most of its story and tasks to will be same till the end. All you have to do is upgrade everything and try to earn more money from it. Let’s see some of the amazing features of Idle firefighter tycoon.


Limited but high-end graphics

Idle firefighter tycoon mod download

The map of this game is small and there’s nothing much except fire station. You can go outside only when there is a captain’s mission. There will be mission of extinguishing fires of buildings and car where you can personally go. But rest of the time you will have to handle fire station only. The graphics and interface is quite clean and colourful. You can see all your characters and aesthetics of fire station clearly. The enchanting colours of this game attract the gamers to stick to the game for longer period.


Handle 2 Different City’s Fire Station

Idle city firefighter mod apk

There are 2 cities currently in game where you’ll have fire station. First is Idle city and other one is capital city. When you’ll start game you’ll get to handle Idle city. Unless you upgrade everything in Idle city, you won’t be able to unlock capital city. Idle city fire station is smaller than capital city. In Idle city all you have to do is managing firefighters and fire station but in capital city you have to manage ambulance and health care too. Soon Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk game is going to add 3rd city too.


Firefighting + Paramedics

Idle firefighter tycoon download mod

You must be thinking this game is all about firefighting but no it’s not. In capital city mode you’ll also get to handle city’s ambulance and thier drivers and Healthcare professionals. In Idle city your job will be to extinguish fire only but in capital city you’ll have to take care of burn victims too through paramedics support.


Team captains missions

Captain Idle firefighter tycoon

There will be team captains who will lead whole fire station on your behalf and increase it’s productivity. This game have 12 team leaders in this game which you can buy through your money or get free in rewards after completing any mission. There will be 6 common captains, 4 rare captains and 2 epic captains. You have to upgrade your captains by completing daily missions. Every captain will have some powers which will increase after you upgrade them. My favorite captains are doctor Donna, Finley flash and Willy wallet. Tell your favorite characters of this game in comment box.


Diamonds and it’s uses

Diamonds or gems are just like money but they are expensive and you’ll hardly get it after completing missions. You can but captain chests through diamonds and opening those chests take longer time. So you can lower that time limit either by watching ads or paying through diamond.


Now supports 6 languages

Mod apk fireman stimulation

Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk have 6 languages currently. Mainly all uses English because it is well known around the world. But some gamers might like to play this game in thier language. So those lucky people who can play this game in their language are English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. These European and Asian languages are widely spoken in thier region that’s why developers thought to add these languages in this latest version.


Version info

Firefighter role play game

  • Name :- Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk
  • Version :- 1.9
  • Size :- 63MB
  • Downloads :- 10,000,000+
  • Operating system :- Android 5.0
  • Developer :- Kolibri games
  • Category :- Simulation & RPG


How to download and install Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk 

1. Click then download Idle firefighter tycoon Mod apk link below.

Download Mod Apk

2. Then install this app in your Android smartphone

3. If you’re unable to install then go to your settings and then privacy. There you’ll get allow installation of application from unknown sources. Click on that and try to install again.


How to play Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk 

Fire fighter game

  1. Hire firefighters and call attendees.
  2. Buy fire trucks and upgrade it later on.
  3. Make equipment room, kitchen and bathroom.
  4. The game will automatically run, all you have to do is managing the fire station so that it bring more income.
  5. With your income buy more fire trucks and hire more workers and keep on upgrading and expanding your fire station.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here we have collected bunch of frequently asked questions for you. If you didn’t found your question here then comment below.

How to unlock all game characters? 

You’ll get free diamonds, from that diamonds buy captains chest. In that chest you’ll get all kinds of characters. You can unlock them and upgrade them by diamonds only.

Can I get paramedics section in Idle city?

Paramedics are only available in capital city which you can get after unlocking Idle city. For beginners Idle city is a stepping stone to reach capital city. Idle city is smaller in size Compared to capital city.

How to expand the fire station? 

You have to click the section which you want to expand and then go to expand option and give money accordingly. This way you can expand some of your sections in fire station. To fasten this process you have to use diamonds.


Final verdict

This game itself says Idle firefighter tycoon which you can play idly when you have enough time. Kids can so play it as an educational game. They will learn a lot of things about tasks and duty or firefighters. Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk will have unlimited money and gems which you’ll get only when you spend it. The mod in this game is developed in such a way that you’ll only get extra money when you’ll spend that money. You like more such kind of simulation games on our website.



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