Indian train simulator mod apk

Indian Train Simulator mod apk (Premium Unlocked)

Indian train simulator is railway game based on India. This game is developed by Highbrow Interactive ltd. which mainly works on a train simulator games. Railroad crossing and Eurozone train simulator were thier best work until they developed Indian Train Simulator game. This game have more than 10 million downloads and the number of downloads are growing with thier new exclusive versions. Let’s know about Indian train simulator mod apk in depth.


What is Indian Train Simulator mod apk? 

Indian train simulator game is one of the best train simulator game. It have varieties of amazing features and High quality 3D graphics. This game will give you the real life experience of Indian trains and stations. It have more than 32 available stations and 18 locomotives which carries both passenger and cargo trains.

You’ll get to know about Indian rail network and basic information on how to use locomotives. The graphics of Indian train simulator are with detailed information. Locomotive looks very real from inside and you can see your train through many views. Most better view is the front view, you can see where your train is going through front view. There’s also a drone view in this game which helps you in watching train from sky.

Indian train simulator mod apk

Most of Indians are middle class who travels long distance mainly through Indian railways. We all have that Nostalgia of sitting on window side and watching greenery from train. You can get similar gaming interface in Indian train simulator mod apk. You can see outside from passenger window seat view too in this game. When we was kid we had admired to become a train loco pilot and sit on the front seat. This game will help you to re-live that memory of your childhood.

In modded Indian train simulator apk you’ll get all locomotives and stations unlocked. You’ll also receive unlimited money and coins in mod version of this game. There are also trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Garib Rath, Gatimaan, Mahamana, etc which will be unlocked at the beginning of the game. Besides all this you’ll also see track changing functions, profound signalling, full throttle and over 28 camera angles to watch your train. This game is made especially for Indians only but other countries gamers can also play it to understand how Indian railway works and enjoy the Indian train simulator game.


How to play Indian Train Simulator Game?

Download Indian train simulator

First of you have to install this mod game, if you’re unable to install then read below on how to download and install Indian train simulator mod apk. When you open the game first thing you’ll see is story mode or career and train garage.

Click on Career to play the game, if you want to change your locomotive or upgrade it then click train garage. When you’ll click the career mode it’ll show you your daily tasks. This daily tasks is not according to real day, it’s just on Game. You can play as many weeks task within an hour.

The gameplay is so attractive that when you’ll start playing you won’t look back to the clock. The reason behind this is engaging interface. You’ll get the Nostalgia of your summer holidays trip through train. Moreover Indian train simulator will also show weather and temperature type minute details in their gaming app. You can also open and close the doors for which you’ll get some points after every stop.

Stations are very realistic in this game, you’ll find passengers and coolie in railway station walking around and speaking in their language. Most important thing in this game is reaching station on time. If you reach late then some of your points will get deducted. Overspeeding also lead to the deduction in points. In some places you will have limits to to run your train at that speed because it must be near to station or any residential place.

You have to stop your train when there will be red signal and in green or yellow signal you have to run your train just like road traffic rules. Besides this you’ll get emergency stop brake when you are unable to slow down your train. Trains in this game will run in both night and day schedule, in daytime you can see everything like tracks, stations and scenery. But in night time you won’t able to see greenery and station that’s where you can use headlights. There’s light system too which you can use in night to see the tracks and upcoming stations just like real trains.

Night view train simulator

After completing every trips you’ll get money and rewards. Rewards can be anything like new locomotive, coach or whole train, etc. In mod apk you’ll get everything unlocked, but still it’s a good experience winning those rewards. Now I’ll share how to download and install Indian train simulator mod apk.


How to download and install Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk 

Downloading and installing process is very easy but many of our users are unable to install so they can go through this process.

1. First of all you have to download from our given link.

Download Mod Apk

2. Then install Indian train simulator mod apk in your android mobile.

3. Unable to install? Then go to your mobile settings and change installation of apk from Google app store to unknown sources.


Version info

  • Name :- Indian train simulator mod apk
  • Version :- 2021.1.3
  • Developed by :- Highbrow Interactive
  • Last update :- 18-June-2021
  • Total downloads :- 10,000,000+
  • File size :- 130MB
  • Operating system :- Android 4.1 and above


Features of Indian train simulator mod apk:

Indian train simulator mod apk have brilliant gameplay with attractive interface and varieties of trains, locomotives and modes. Some of the amazing features are given below, give a quick read to know what’s inside Indian train simulator game.

Train customization

Train simulator game

You can change the colour of your coaches and cargo trains. In India, locomotives are of many types and all of them are available in this game. You can also change the interior of the train and locomotives. The speed of trains depends on locomotives, if you add modern and express type locomotives then you train will run faster.

Varieties of locomotives


There are more that 25 locomotives like Wap-4, Wap-7, Wdg-3a, Wap-5, Wag-7 (tiger face) , Wag-9, Wdg-4, Wag-7, Wam-4, Wcam-3, etc. From old to modern locomotives all kinds are present in this game. You can upgrade your locomotives with money and rewards which you’ll get after clearing the game. You can attach locomotives to coach and cargo depends on the mode of game.

Career based on calendar

Career mode train simulator

There is only career mode in this game in which there are many modes and sub-topics in game which will help you in getting amazing rewards. There are more than 15 modes in career like long train journey or cargo delivery.

Scoring & Rewards in Indian train simulator mod apk

You’ll get rewards in 3 forms, which is cash, gems and gift packs. Cash you can get after a successful train journey from passengers and running train properly without any issue. Your cash will get deducted if you will cross red light or over speed your train. You will get gems rarely but it have more value than cash and you can buy trains from gems.

Improved 3d graphics

Download Indian train simulator mod apk

Graphics contains realistic greenery, station and it’s rush. You’ll find coolies and passenger which look similar to what we have seen in real life. Train and coaches are also made according to Indian trains point of view. You can also see outer scenery from the coaches just like a passenger, both sitting and standing view.

Experience Realistic train driving

Train Simulator

The loco pilot or driver seat and all the function in locomotive will look real. Like buttons, horn and break will be there in the inner side graphic of locomotive. There’s also a view from driver’s point of view which will help you in examining the trains interior.


Frequently asked questions 

Here we have answered some of the most important questions asked by our amazing users. If you didn’t found your question here then comment below we will answer your queries soon.


Why this game is lagging in my phone after 3rd week?

Check your RAM and available space first of all. If available RAM is less than required then deleted some of the unnecessary apps it’ll lower the load to your RAM and your game will run properly after this.

Do I have to pay for downloading mod version? 

No, you don’t have to pay anything for downloading mod games from our website. Indian train simulator mod apk is totally free.

Can I drive Rajdhani express and duranto train in this train simulation game? 

Yes, Indian train simulator mod apk have more than 15 well known Indian trains like Rajdhani, Duranto, Tejas, Shatabdi, Gatimaan, etc. You can drive all of these trains in mod version.



Indian train simulator mod apk is a best train simulator game, which gives real life feel of driving train and perfectly mimicked the noise and talks of station. The greenery around railway track will also look real and amazing which will give you a beautiful Nostalgia of your train journey.

This game have so many locomotives and coaches with numbers of stages where you can move from one station to another makes it an amazing masterpiece in simulation gaming. Indian train simulator mimics every aspects real Indian railway. Installing this game is easy if you have preferred android version 4.1 and atleast 2gb ram. Enjoy riding your favorite train and do check similar modded gaming apps in our website.






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