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Download KineMaster Mod Apk v4.12.1 For Android & iOS

KineMaster Mod Apk: Video Editing is one of the most difficult tasks from Android. Because there are no such apps who can allow you to add effects and formats as per your choice. To solve this issue, KineMaster stands out one step forward to any other Video Editing Android Apps.

You might have heard about Viva Videos, Quik or Filmora but all of these are packed with only limited options. Many video editing apps claim that they have leading functions that can make your video more amazing by adding features like Slow Motion or Reverse Effect.

But, to do all these actions you’ll need to install a couple of apps. Or you can say, an extra for each effect, which is quite heavy for a normal smartphone. But if you go with KineMaster Mod App, you don’t have to rush for any other app for video editing.

What is KineMaster Mod Apk?

KineMaster Mod

KineMaster is an app which is rolled with a lot of features and functions used in video editing. You can do layering, VFX, Background Designing or Voice over. There are many more options available in this app that can make your videos look-alike professional content and can be used for uploading on YouTube or TikTok.

This app is famous within the editors because it can create or edit 4K Videos. You can compress or trim videos, or do much more than just editing. Like you can add filters and sticks into the clips or can share it on various other social platforms.

Recently the KineMaster has crossed the line of 100M+ Downloads, which is a great indication that this app is going pretty good and people love using this app. Kinemaster’s developer team have upgraded this app and all the issues related to lagging have been solved now. They have worked more on User interface so that everyone can use kinemaster app without any struggle.


Why we should use KineMaster Mod Apk?

KineMaster Mod Apk

There are many Video Editing Apps available on the Internet for Android and iOS platforms. But no other app support this much of features in a single pack, you just need a couple of apps if you want to give your project a professional touch.

Here, In KineMaster Mod Apk, You’ll get all those options that you need while working on any project. Such as Voice-overs, Background Editing or Multiple Layers adjustment. It has all of them, you just need to make them handy to you.

If anyone wants to learn video editing then Kinemaster is the best platform to start as a beginners. Professionals video editors can create miraculous videos out of kinemaster video editing app.

If you go through Play Store you’ll see a banner with a price of around $19.99 a year. Which is quite high for a normal student or a beginner.

But, If you download the file from here you’ll get the premium app for free. Because we already paid the amount and believe in sharing the app with others without asking for any contribution.


It’s a full-featured editing app sharing much more than just video editing, it has a couple of more premium options you always crave for in any editing app. Let’s take an eye over the highlights and know some of its major features you’re going to use.

It’s Free

First of all, it’s all free. You don’t have to spend even a single penny over anything related to this app. It’s already packed with all premium options and unlocked all the tools for you. We don’t charge anything for modified Kinemaster app. All of the exclusive Features access with one click and make amazing videos easily.

Handy Options

All the options are handy to its users. You don’t find any complexity while looking for any features, also it’s easy to understand the functions of the app as most of them are drag & drop type of nature. If you don’t want anything in video then there’s a delete option too. Just click any filter or layer applied in video and edit or remove it easily with updated interface of kinemaster mod app.

Multiple Layering

You can add up to 10 layers at a time in this app and all of them will work as they should solely. If you have a couple of videos and you want to mashup them then it’s the best pick for you. With latest update you can also mix or overlap different layers and create your own filter instantly.

Reverse Effect

If you want to reverse any video then KineMaster Mod Apk has an option to reverse your video in one click. You don’t have to fall for any other app, it is an inbuilt feature of this app. Just click on the video layer, automatically a popup will come out with so many features. In that list you can easily find reverse option. Just click on reverse effect and your video will get reversed on its own.

Slow Motion

You might have seen many Slow Motion Videos on Tik Tok or Instagram. With this KineMaster Apk, you can record or add those slow-motion effects in any video. Just click on speed option and change the speed of the video according to your need. You can slow your videos upto 0.125× time and speed upto 4× times easily just by scrolling on speed button.

Trim Videos

Here you’ll get an option to trim or crop videos with your desired size or time span. This feature can help you to set the screen resolutions or stretch the videos, crop to remove watermark or trim the best scenes from the whole video.

Supports 4K HD Videos

KineMaster Pro App supports 4K HD Quality Videos. This means you can edit high-quality videos and export them. It supports 1080p to 2160p quality videos, which means you can go with DSLR videos too.


There are many options to add voiceovers and audio effects on the video. You can adjust the sound or add your own custom background music in any video.

So, these are some of its major features you probably going to use if you go along with this app. It has many more amazon features which are yet to cover.

Clip graphics 

Add animated graphics to your video to make it look more professional and artistic. There are more than 100 animated clip graphics which you can use in starting or ending of video. You can also use these graphics anywhere between video. There will be only 3-4 animated clip graphics on your kinemaster app initially. To use more clip graphics you have to click on get more and download latest and amazing graphics for free.

Rotate / Mirroring effect

Rotate your video or photo and mirror it easily with kinemaster apk. There are tons of app that just mirror image. But this app have Features of all the video editing apps combined. Mirror your video and it’ll look opposite ti its real video file.

Voice changer

Change the voice in video in many alternatives. There are 30+ voice changers in kinemaster. Change your voice into Chorus, Deep, Death metal, 2-pitched, Chipmunk, Echo, Kid, Radio, Robot, space, woman, funny pitch, etc in kinemaster mod apk. All these voice changers you get for free if you download from the link provided by us. Now you can change your Manly voice to a woman or kid’s voice in this app, you don’t have to search for any other app for voice modulation and changing voice.

KineMaster Mod Apk Highlight

  • Added theme options for day and night.
  • Maintain the layers and add up to 10 layers at a time
  • No more watermark in video projects
  • Unlocked all stickers and premium effects
  • Chroma key is now enabled for use
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD videos
  • Added voiceovers and audio adjustment options.
  • Slow Motion and Reverse videos are now available in the app.
  • Get glowing texts and unlimited fonts of texts for free.

Download KineMaster Mod Apk v4.12.1 For Android

KineMaster Mod For Android

It’s available on Google Play Store, but the thing is, it’s paid in there. If you don’t have much money to spend over these high-priced subscriptions then I recommend you to download the app from here. This app has been growing rapidly as it’s serving top-rated features and advanced options which can totally change the effects of the video.

As we are serving the patched app with all unlocked features, and it’s all free. So, give this app a chance and if you feel satisfied with their services you can pay for future use.

KineMaster Mod Apk

Until then, Download KineMaster Mod Apk Latest Version v4.12.1 from here. Keep in touch for future updates, as we do update the links on a regular basis and keep modifying the download links with the latest version every week.

Install KineMaster Mod Apk For Android

As always you must have to grant permission to this app before you start installing the app. It’s a must-do step as without this you can’t install any external app on your device. This keeps you devise from all unwanted malware and auto-install apps.

  • To grant the permission, Follow the Settings > Security. There you’ll find an option named Unknown Sources, turn it on and get back to the home screen.
  • Go to your downloaded file, which you’ve downloaded in the above step.
  • Click on the package and it will ask you to install or cancel your command. Hit the install button. It will start loading and unload all the packages to install the app.
  • After a while, it will be installed on your smartphone.
  • Now, you’re ready to use this app.

It’s a pro pack so you don’t have to do anything to unlock the premium features. It has all unlocked features and premium options and it’s KineMaster Pro Apk.

Download KineMaster Pro App For iOS

KineMaster Mod Download

If you’re an iOS user then this app is perfectly available for you on your App Store. As Apple doesn’t allow any third-party app to get installed on their system you will have to pact with the trail version.

It’s might be free but it doesn’t deliver all the features, many of them will remain locked until you don’t pay them a fixed fee to unlock those Features. The fees of kinemaster is monthly and yearly both, but it’s kind of expensive if you’re a student or newbie in video editing. With kinemaster you an learn video editing skills and use that skill to earn as a video editor too. But if you’re unable to pay for this app currently then don’t worry. We have modified this app for iOS version and unlocked all premium packages.

Here is the download link of the KineMaster Pro App. Click on the below button and download will start automatically.

KineMaster For iOS

Install KineMaster Mod App For iOS

KineMaster Pro Mod

If you didn’t find the working download link for the App then you can try this process. It’s mentioned specially for the iOS Users to install KineMaster on iOS.

Before you install any app on your iPhone, iPad or any iOS Device you should have to make a trust bond with the app.

  • To make this happen, Go to Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management.
  • There you’ll find an option with the name of Trust App.
  • Click on that and do activate the following. After that, it will allow the user to install external apps on the device.

But you must have to grant permission every time you begin to install any app. Just click on the allow option and you’ll be getting started with the installation process.

  • Open App Store on your iOS device.
  • Search for the KineMaster App, from the top search bar option from the header.
  • When you get the app result, Click on the install button.
  • It will start loading and will install the app on your device within a few seconds.
  • You’re ready to use the app, click on open and hit the allow button.
  • Now, You can use this app as you want. It’s now available on your device.

Note: It’s not a premium version, it is only a trial version which is packed with only limited features but those are enough for daily editing purpose. It can be used for editing clips and videos for TikTok and Instagram. You can’t edit videos with high-quality editing options.


Is it safe using KineMaster Pro Apk?

Yes, You don’t have to worry about anything because you aren’t doing anything wrong. You’re just downloading an app that is already patched by some developers and openly available on the Internet to use. There is no scene to be worried about, feel free to download and install this app.

What’s the difference between KineMaster Pro Apk and KineMaster Mod Apk?

They both are the same just a bit different of accent in speaking. If you search for any of these terms you’ll get the same result as they both are the same single thing. So, don’t get the two confused. They both, actually it’s the same app called with two different names as per the users’ way of speaking.

Does this really support 4K Videos?

Yes, trust me this Android App can support the 4K Ultra HD Videos. If you is supported you can also connect it through your DSLR and try editing those videos. As they have more quality pixels and have better resolution in comparison to any other video quality.

Is KineMaster free?

Yes, If you seek the official app of KineMaster you’ll get it for free. You can download it from any website or Google Play Store itself. But, once you enter the app you’ll find most of the apps are locked and it needs to be subscribed.

If you download the app from our website you’ll get it for free, as we already had purchased this app and now it’s free for us. So, we’re sharing it here for free.

Is there any watermark in KineMaster?

No, there will be no watermark in this app. As I said, if you have KineMaster Mod Apk you won’t find any loop there. It’s a watermark and ads-free version of the KineMaster and it doesn’t have anything limited. You’ll get access to an infinity of options for editing.


In the end, I just want to say that KineMaster Mod Apk is growing rapidly and serving all worthy options related to video editing and film mailing.

If you want any other modded version of any app then drop the name, we will try to hunt down the app for you. Keep visiting and don’t forget to share this app with your friends and mates who love doing editing.

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