Mega Personal Dating Apk

The best way to find a perfect partner for dating is online, there are a dozen of online applications available on the internet to let you date boys or girls of your mutual interests. You can customize your own choices or what you prefer in your partner and the dating app will filter the list of available options for you. And offer you the best matches who you can date and try if it leads to something meaningful. But, the bigger question popup here is which is the best dating app nowadays? We would like to call the name “Mega Personal Dating Apk” because of its simple and sleek interface.

It has a base of around 5 million active users and the ratio of getting a match is higher than any other platform. Apart from this, the Mega Personal Dating Apk is free and doesn’t require any subscription plan to unlock the basic features. This application serves you the matching profiles which are near to your selected location, or within the area of 10km.

What is Mega Personal Dating App?

This is a dating app that offers the public to find a date as a boy/girl near the selected location. Here, you’ll get the option to make conversation, do video calls, or exchange images to make the bond strong. The application is still in the running era and available in only a few countries but has a quite good amount of users as the base. You can easily find dates without spending a single penny over any subscription. All the services will remain free for everyone, so enjoy the benefits.


Mega Personal Dating apk is packed with a bunch of great features which you might need to know before installing it on your device. Some of the features are similar to other dating apps such as Tinder, but also some extraordinary pros can steal your heart.

Free to Use

You don’t have to burn any money over the subscriptions to get some matches. This app is available for free and serves all the benefits at zero cost.

Simple Design

All the features are already mentioned on the homepage, you won’t feel lost in this app. The interface is designed to let the users understand this tool on their own without any struggle.

Prime Location

You can pick a location of your own choice, also it has options to choose state and city gestures if you’re looking for new friends from your neighborhood.

Swipe Options

Similar to Tinder, it has options to like and unlike profiles. You can super-like your most favorite profiles to let them know about your mark.

Quality Calls

Along with simple conversation, you can make video calls at high-quality resolutions to end the distance and talk freely to your partner.

Set Preference

You can drop your wish list into filters to search for the matching profiles with your mutual interests. This way you can easily date a person with the same vibe as yours.

How to use Mega Personal Dating Apk?

It’s easy to understand this app because you don’t have to deal with any process here. All the steps are at your fingertips and work instantly without any load.

  • First of all, you have to open the application, which you’ve downloaded above.
  • On the top corner, select your location. It’s available only in a few countries, you’d be lucky if your country is listed there. If not, you can still make online friends.
  • Select your Country>State>City. This helps in getting more accurate results near to you.
  • It will ask you to sign in or create a new account, if you’re on Facebook then you can directly sign in through the authentication process.
  • Once you’re logged in, you will get an option to put your preferences.
  • Choose wisely because your results will be filtered through that list.
  • Now you can set up your profile, edit your name, add images, write a bio, and your hobbies.
  • That’s it, after all these steps you can start liking profiles from the home page of the screen.
  • There are no limits on the like, so you can like an unlimited count of profiles and get many matches.
  • The video calling option will be unlocked once you both text each other, if it’s only a one-sided chat, you won’t be able to call your partner.

Things to avoid:

If you’re truly into dating then you should avoid these few things to keep your account safe from online scams and stay genuine on the platform.

  • Use original photos, don’t steal from other media profiles.
  • There are no limits on liking new profiles, but keep it low.
  • Don’t use false language or send inappropriate media to any partner.
  • Never share your contact details openly on the profile.
  • Be genuine about dating, don’t make fun of anyone.
  • If your account gets multiple reports from the public, you’ll be restricted for 24 hours.

If you don’t follow the above rules, your account may get banned for a lifetime.


Is it safe to use online dating apps?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about any privacy leaks or risks to your identity. If you’re still in doubt you can use a pseudo name with your genuine profile picture to not let your friends know about your dating idea.

Do we need to pay any fees?

No, this dating app is free. Even if you’re not feeling good with a mobile application you can enjoy the same benefits from their official website. It has the same interface on the website as you find on the application.

Is it legal to use such apps?

Online dating is legal, anybody can use these apps to find a dating partner. No matter if you’re looking for a boy or girl to date, you can freely use this mega personal dating apk to make new friends from all around the globe.


So in the end we hope that you’ve gathered enough about this mega personal dating app and if you’re still in doubt or don’t know how to make your profile attractive. Drop a text into the below comments to let us assist you in that case too.

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