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My Boy! GBA Emulator paid apk v1.8.0 Free Download

Gaming is fun with friends but it’s much more interesting when you feel lonely. It’s a time killer and these days many games are launched with awesome graphics and features. Still, many of us prefer the old games of 90’s and game boy advance was the first which was loved by us. My boy apk is the link between the 90s kids and the game boy advance app in the 21st century.

According to wikipedia, Game Boy advance was a handheld gaming device launched in 2001 all over the world by Nintendo. It gained a huge popularity among kids as well as adults. The GBA (Game boy Advance) was the PlayStation of 90’s kids. The entry of mobile and smartphone gaming ruined everything. The popularity degraded and it’s production came to an end. The Hotstar tv is also a better option if you only want entertainment.

The production Game Boy Advance was stopped in early 2008 after selling 81.51 million units all over the world.

My boy GBA emulator apk icon by Nintendo
My Boy GBA Emulator Apk

This is the time when My boy GBA emulator is launched in the market to provide the old gaming experience to all those kids.

The My Boy apk is available in both free and paid options. The paid version of it is available for $4.8 on the playstore. You can download it from there and support the developer. If you want the apk then below is all about it.

My Boy! GBA Emulator Apk Download

Here we go downloading the My Boy apk. Follow the steps below to download the apk.

  • Click on the below button to go to the download link.

Download My Boy Apk

  • After downloading the apk, Click on install option to install in on your smartphone.
  • You have to allow unknown sources to install it.

Steps to Allow Unknown Sources

  • Click on the settings option and click on security settings.
  • Now You will be shown the list of applications.
  • Allow unknown source installation from it for the browser from which you have downloaded the apk.
  • Once you allow it, It will show a warning.
  • Allow the warning and then again install the application.
My boy apk first look
My boy Apk Gaming First look

If you still get any error downloading and installing the apk then please let us know. We will help you out.

Let’s learn about the features of the My Boy! GBA Emulator App.

Features Of My Boy Apk

The latest version of the apk is v1.8.0 and it was last updated in May 21, 2017.

According to Google Play store,

The latest updates available in the newer version are as follows:

  • Sync save on Google Drive
  • Minor fix in UI settings
  • Loading game file is off in UI thread

Here are more details about the features which standout the My boy apk from other game boy advance emulators in the market.

Best Emulator In the Market

No doubt, It is the best GBA emulator out in the market. It contains lot’s of features even in the free version of the apk. The app has features like Google drive saving, screen resolution settings, input settings and much more which are described below.

initial warning of My boy gba Emulator apk


Multiple Screen Orientations

The app has multiple screen orientations available so that you get a better gaming experience. It has landscape, reverse landscape, portrait modes available. You can apply cool video scripts and also stretch the screen to cover your whole display.

screen Customisation

screen orientation

Input Customisation

You can customise the gaming pad as per your convenience. This option allows you to keep the buttons wherever you want over the screen. You are just a click away to customise it according to your choice.


Cheat Codes Feature

This was a much awaited feature and it was launched in v1.8.0 update. Now, You can apply cheat codes to your 32 bit games also to get unlimited health or bullets just like some big games e.g Grand Theft Auto.

The cheat codes feature is available only in the paid version which is given above.

cheat options

These are some of the features of My Boy! GBA Emulator Apk.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs in case you need it. Let’s clear all the doubts before downloading the app.

Does My boy apk really works?

This will be the question for many of the users as this type of thing is very rare in the market. Yes, The application really works and we have tested it on our smartphones too. The testing was really fun 😜.

The working apk is uploaded on the website for free to download. You can also check it’s reviews on the Google Play store.

Is it safe to download & install?

If you download the app from here then we can assure you that it is really safe. All the apk files uploaded on Apkduniya are tested for any kind of malware before uploading it. We have checked the application over the leading malware scanning websites like virus total with 0 threats present.

The application asks for some basic permissions which are asked by most of the apps. It doesn’t take any control over your smartphone. So, We find it safe to install also.

Permissions asked By My boy apk

  • Storage access – It is asked for loading the games from the file manager.
  • Contacts access – I don’t know why it is asked but may be for sharing the application if you want to do it.
  • Internet access – For loading the application and running games and applying cheats.

These are the only permissions asked by the application. If you find any version of it’s apk asking for any other permission then quickly uninstall it. It can be a malware for your smartphone.

Do I have to pay for it?

We only offer the free versions of the app on our website. You don’t have to pay a penny to download anything from here.

Should I download the GBA cracked games from Internet?

The answer is No! You should never download the cracked versions of it. It can be vulnerable or having a malware. You can always buy the games over internet from Nintendo. These are very cheap as compared to games which are available nowadays.

This is all about the application. I hope we have covered all the topics and questions in this guide. If you still feel to ask something then comment below. We would love to help you out. Also, Please don’t download the applications from any unknown websites impersonating us or it can lead to severe threats for your smartphone.

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