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PicsArt Mod apk Download for Android [Premium Unlocked]

PicsArt is one of the most essential editing tool for Android users. It also supports in iOS and Windows operating system. Picsart is one of the most downloaded photo editing software in Google appstore. Picsart Mod apk by unlocks the premium paid version without taking any charges. Let’s learn more about Picsart Mod apk.


What is PicsArt Mod apk? 

Picsart is an amazing photo and video editor tool. It can do so many things that it’ll take atleast a week to totally get through all of it’s features. You can also make collage from picsart and apply many types of filters free of cost.

On May, 2021 Picsart have completed 1 billion+ downloads. Some of its features are free and some are paid which you can use freely through our picsart mod apk download link. You don’t need any skill or degree to edit photos in picsart because it’s so easy to use. Most of the photo editor professionals use Photoshop cc to edit their photos but similar kind of editing you can also do in picsart pro mod apk. If you’re new to editing then you can take help of Replays option in picsart which helps you in editing high-end quality images.

You can also share your edits and photos in picsart and connect and like others photos too. Not only photos and videos, you can also make stickers in picsart mod apk. Removing background is the real pain for newbie photo editors but picsart can automatically crop the image out of background within a second. There are soo many premium features in new version of picsart mod apk. I’ll explain you in detail about various features of picsart and tips on how you use it below.


Why to use Picsart Mod apk? 

PicsArt Mod apk

You can create or edit your photos and videos. Make collage of your photos with loved ones. You can also use it for official or formal purposes like creating an educational video or infographics by Picsart. As you all know picsart apk is free of cost but not all features are free only some basic features are free. Let’s know about the features of picsart and what’s the difference between mod version and basic version.


Basic Features 

PicsArt Mod download

Basic editing features are free even in non-modded version. These features are enough for normal level editing but if you want to edit high quality pictures then you must need Mod features.

1. Photo editor tools

In photo editor, you’ll get crop option which is one of the basic editing tool you can find in mostly all photo editor apps. The good thing about Picsart is you’ll get an ideal length and breadth ratio according to Facebook post, Instagram story, Instagram post sizes. Picsart also have shape crop and free crop options if you are interested in removing some part of picture from it’s base picture.

You can also clone any part of your picture with clone tool. This way you can hide extra colour or double your desired part of pic within that image. It can also be used for adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc. You can also tilt shift, resize or flip image. These are some of the basic tools in photo editor.

2. Video editor tools

Now you can crop the videos too just like cropping photos. There are also fitting crop sizes according to Instagram stories and reels, it’ll fetch you good amount of likes and shares. Trimming videos is the basic function of any video editor app and this function is also available in picsart apk. There are also free music available which you can use in videos. The music available in picsart video editor are of various genres like hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Love, Chill, Dance, upbeats, etc. There are also many video effects like glitch, Black n White, etc. You can also add text, photos and stickers in the video in picsart photo and video editor.

3. Collage Maker

In collage maker you can add upto 10 images max in picsart apk. There are 50+ layouts of collages which you can choose by scrolling it sideways. The crop option in collage makes won’t cut any part of image, it’ll just adust the image in a way that none of the image get out of boundary. You can also put border in collage image and change it colour too.

4. Sticker Maker & Free stickers

Photo editor

To make sticker in picsart Mod apk use cutout or free crop tool. All you have to do is manually cut the part of image you want and then save it as a sticker to use in other photos.

There are more than 10,000+ free stickers available in picsart. Just go to sticker option and search your desired stickers. Some stickers are also paid but you can avail it through our modded apk.

5. Image Effects

Cartoonify pic

PicsArt have 300+ photo of effects like glitch, HDR, vintage, sunny, vibrant, crisp, etc. You can also lower it’s hardness and overlap with other effects too. There are also canvas art, sketch art, pop art, colour, etc. too which you can add in your image to make it look more refreshing and unique. The most amazing effects in picsart app is magic effect, there are 30-40 magic effects and all of them make your image a professionally made portrait or cartoon.

6. Beautify your photos

Download PicsArt Mod apk

Changing hair colour or skin tone became easier now and it’s free even in unmodified version. You can also whiten your teeth and change colour of your eyes. Most often we look fat in pics but want to look good and slim, for that you can use resize tool of picsart beautify.


Mod Features 

PicsArt gold download

You must be thinking that all of the features you needed is already there in basic version then how come this modded version is different. Let’s learn about the mod features available in our picsart apk.

The paid version of picsart is known as Picsart Gold. You might get some features and effects for free but most of the effects and tools are paid. And we know you can’t afford to pay for the app that’s why we brought picsart mod apk so that all can edit thier pics like professional.

You’ll get 30+ amazing filters for free in mod apk. You can change the shape of your face, reshape your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, etc. Changing lips size or structure is also easy now with mod version. Whitening teeth and changing eye color is a cup of tea with picsart mod apk.

In mod apk you’ll get unlimited stickers, in free version the numbers of stickers are limited. There are also masks and drawing tool available in mod version. Picsart also have free customized frames which you can use in any occasion like birthday or anniversary. If you’re interested in making meme or comic photo editing you can use various types of callouts.

Best Photo editor

Features in premium Picsart Mod apk are infinite if you use layers or unique editing ideas. If you lack photo editing ideas then you can take help of Replays.

What is Replay in Picsart? 

PicsArt replay

PicsArt’s Replay is a new feature which helps you in making cool editing on your pictures. It is just a series of image effects overlapped in such a way that your image will look professionally Photoshopped. You can enjoy all this fantastic features in picsart mod apk.


Version info

  • App name :- PicsArt Mod apk
  • Version :- 17.2.2
  • Apk size :- 60MB
  • Operating system :- Android 4.4 and above
  • Last updated :- Few days ago
  • Genre :- Photography
  • Total downloads :- 300,000,000+


How to download and install PicsArt Mod apk

1. To download Picsart, first click on the download link given below.

Download PicsArt Mod

2. Then install the downloaded apk in your smartphone.

3. If you’re not able to install picsart mod apk in your smartphone then go to your settings >>> Privacy >>> Allow installation of App from Unknown sources.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here we have answered some of the most asked questions. If you didn’t got the answer of your questions then comment below.


Do I need to pay for premium Picsart? 

No, you don’t have to pay a penny for modded picsart pro. Everything is free in picsart mod apk.

Can I use Picsart mod apk in my PC?

Yes, picsart is supported in Android, iOS and Windows too which is an operating system in Computer. You can use picsart in PC too.

What is the difference between PicsArt Gold and Picsart premium? 

Both of them are same, just different names given to them. Picsart premium was the older version of paid app. Now paid version of PicsArt is known as PicsArt gold.


Final word

PicsArt Mod apk is one of the best photo and video editing application for Android users. There are more than 3000+ tools for editing photos and videos. In new version of picsart you’ll get Replay option which maker’s professional photo editing cool. Even you can share your photo editing hacks in picsart after you make an account. You can also share your work in various social media directly from picsart. Picsart Mod apk is also called Photoshop of Android because of its wide range of editing tools.



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