Tanks a lot mod apk

Tanks a lot mod apk v2.96 (Unlimited Money and ammo)

Tanks a lot mod apk is a 3 vs 3 online multiplayer battle royale game. Are you looking to download Mod version of Tanks a lot on your android device then this is the best place for such amazing mod apps. You can download Tanks A Lot mod apk from the download link given below. To know it’s Features and gameplay read this article and Brawl with your opponents and destroy thier Tanks with the help of mod provided by us.


What is Tanks A Lot mod apk?

Tanks a lot mod apk download

This is one of the most famous android game of battle royale. These days common battle royale games like Free fire and PUBG are famous but some of the gamers either don’t have enough RAM to process such games or don’t have interest in battle royale that have higher numbers of players .

In Tanks A Lot mod apk there will be 6 players including you. 2 groups or teams will be there and you have to win the war with the help of your team and eliminate the opposite team with deadliest attacks.

You’ll get unlimited cash and Gold which will help you in buying parts of Tanks and commander of tank. Cannon is the main part of tank which helps you in attacking villains, that’s why keep upgrading your cannon first then go towards base.

Base is the bottom part of tank which usually helps tank in moving smoothly and fast. But the main character who drive these Tanks are command. You can also change your command with unlimited money. There are more than 20 characters in this game. They open according to the levels you clear. Enjoy brawling with Tanks, add your friends through Facebook or directly from Tanks a lot and become a pro.


Download and Install Tanks a lot mod apk

Follow these quick easy steps and download Mod apk of Tanks a lot on your android smartphone in no time :

1. Click on the download button below if you want to download app store version of this game

Download Tanks a Lot

2. To download Tanks a lot mod apk hit the green button below.

Download Mod apk

Download Tanks a lot

3. After your game is downloaded click on install app pop-up on your android smartphone.

Install Tanks a lot mod apk

4. If you’re installing a mod app first time in your android mobile then go to settings and search unknown sources >> allow install from unknown sources >> Install Tanks A Lot.

(Important :- Delete tank a lot app downloaded from app store before downloading mod apk.)


Features of Tank A Lot mod apk

Multi-player battle royale games always have more numbers of amazing Features compared to any other genre. All because of the variety of levels, weapons and characters it have which gamers like alot. We will discuss about some of the most important and fascinating Features of Tanks A Lot.


The most important part of any game is graphics as it gives real life feeling and the more clear and High quality graphics a game have, it would look more real to the gamer and that’s why games with hd graphics are highly engaging. Though this game have 2d graphics and minimal design but the gameplay is amazing. Everything is visible and eye-catching tank and surrounding designs makes this game one of the most lovable game in battle royale genre.

Weapons and tanks

Tanks a lot apk download

This game is all about Tanks. You can upgrade any part of tank or buy a new tank it’s all upto you. Every tank have it’s own capability and capacity to run faster and kill more enemies. Tanks have 2 part in this game, upper part is called cannon and lower part is known as base. Cannon as usual throws ammo at enemies team automatically. You cannot control cannon, the only thing which you can control is its base. Base means it’s locomotive part which makes it run faster. Some of the Tanks run faster than others like Ice dozer. Huo long, Nicola Tesla, dragon paws and many other Tanks are the best which makes the game easier for gamers to win.

Online 3 vs 3 battle royale

Download Tanks a lot mod app

Tanks a lot is a fast paced multi-player game. You’ll get maximum 3 mine to win in that arena. In that amount of time you have to destroy enemy Tanks as many time as you can. Your team will have 3 player and opponent will be at same strength too. Attack on them with full force and help your team with the game. There won’t be much space in an arena but still you can hide in grass or other places which you’ll get according to the level of Tanks a lot. This game is all about hit and not to get hit.

Unlimited cash

In mod app of Tanks a lot you’ll get unlimited cash, golds and diamonds which will help gamers in buying and upgrading thier Tanks. Fully upgraded Tanks will easily make you winner of all arena and even hard levels will become easier for you. But still the levels are not unlocked. Unlock every level with unlimited cash and become Tanks a lot champion.

Unlimited ammo

There are many types of ammo in this game like plasma guns, machine guns, bombs, cannons, etc. Equip any kind of ammo which is suitable for you and your gaming plan to defeat your opponents. There are pros and cons of all ammo. Like bombs are good to kill at once but loading bomb takes time and you might get killed in that time. Lasers are the most used ammo in Tanks a lot due to its amazing look and strength.

All skins unlocked 

Download Mod Tanks a lot

There are various skins of Tanks which you can buy only through diamonds. Diamonds are the most expensive currency in this game. With unlimited diamonds buy amazing, artistic and antique skins to show off other competitors.

All Commanders unlocked

Brad “Ace” malone, the block, squidward, Manny Trejo, Mr bucket and many more tank Commanders will be unlocked in mod apk of Tanks a lot. Every commander have unique powers which helps tanker generate more strength and increase the damage to 60-80% more. Rare Commanders also increase the reload speed of Tanks cannon. Some commander are specialized to take less damage than common Commanders. There are 4 types of Commanders in Tanks a lot : common, Rare, Epic and Legandary. 

Various game modes

Tanks a lot Game download

There are 6 modes in Tanks a lot and every mode have easy to hard levels. Battle royale 3 vs 3 is the most common mode in this game. There’s also crazy football mode in which Tanks play foot ball. Headhunt, resource Brawl and team deathmatch modes are the most engaging and it can be played when you’re tried of battle royale. Beside all these modes, there will be ticketed events too in which you can win expensive chests and trophies. In some levels there will be ice and snow too. This game is full of surprises, every level have some unique kind of graphics which excited gamers to play more.


Version info of Tanks a lot mod apk 

  • Name :- Tanks A Lot
  • Version :- v2.96
  • Genre :- Battle royale
  • Size :- 144.6 Mb
  • Android :- 4.4+
  • Developer :- Highcore Labs LLC
  • Installs :- 1,000,000+


FAQs on Tanks a lot mod apk 

We have made an extensive list of most asked questions by our users on this article. If you didn’t found answer of your questions then comment below.

Do u have to root my phone to download Tanks a lot mod apk? 

No, rooting your smartphone is not necessary and we don’t suggest any user to root your phone just for mod games as it can be downloaded easily just like normal apps. Download Tanks a lot mod apk v2.96 for without any hassle from link given above.

Do I have to pay for downloading mod apk? 

We provide all mod apk for free. You don’t have to pay anything to download tanks a lot mod apk. There are many other mod game apk like Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk in which you can like the life of a firefighter.

How to unlock tank commander in this game? 

Unlocking tank commander can be possible through diamonds only. Other way to unlock is clearing all levels of game and gain enough stars to unlock new commander. But for mod apk user, simply buy commander with unlimited diamonds.



Tanks A Lot is a 3 vs 3 players battle royale game, where you have to use upgraded Tanks and epic Commanders to beat your opponents. It’s similar to Brawl stars apk but they have added Tanks to it. With Tanks you get ammo Which have lasers and bombs. Every tank have it’s speciality, rare and legendary tanks are unbeatable. To get all this mind blowing experience download Tanks a lot game and blow enemies tank to become best tank commander.

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