alternative to thewatchseries Download Free Movies – Is it Safe to Use in 2020?

If you’re a huge fan of English TV Series then you might already know that is the best option to start with, but in the last few months, the board is blocking this website in many countries. But don’t lose your hope, We will surely assist you as much as we can to hunt the working link of Website or some reliable alternative to TheWatchSeries.

There are many leading websites running in market for streaming, some of them are paid and majority of them are free. But none can satisfy you from all ends, you must miss something in each and every website, It can be anything.

What is is an online website that lets its viewers watch free TV Shows in 1080p Quality. There are a number of series available on this website that can’t be streamed in a single life span. You can imagine how long the list is, In Addition, they also provide movies and various other contents like WWE and Sports Shows. You can have many features along with the free streaming, I can’t elaborate al of them but can tell you about some in this post.

Offering free streaming access is easy but handling a million users in real-time is hard. Here you’ll get unlimited Movies, TV Shows & popular Web Series, All these contents can be streamed from a single platform. You can create your own Watchlist on the website and watch an overview or trailers of the movie before watching, Star Ratings and IMDB Score will let you judge content.

In addition, it also provides a Search bar option and Category Filters to pick the contents of your choice, Don’t be messed with shuffled list.

What happened to

alternative for

Recently, TheWatchSeries got affected by legal actions. After getting the legal issues, their website has been shut down in most of the locations. TheWatchSeries Website has been working for almost 5 years and served more than a billion users. But now, the end is near as the website is getting legal notices on every Server they host.

Countries like the US, UK are facing major problems while looking for this Website, as it’s not visible on Google or on any other Search Engine. But if you do remember the URL then you are still able to surf freely as old days. The reason behind this issue of getting vanished from the Results is that Google and the content creators are reporting this website, again and again, this can cause heavy damage to the developers. So, They’re just settling things down until they catch some way to pass this.

They came up with many new servers to lift you up again where you lost the track. Many of them are still working and handling crowd but it’s not available for all. The domain hopping tweak is workable on Domain specified country only, the rest of the world has to wait for their turn. The new web-address can save the website for only a few months and then the situation will repeat history.

Different Web-Addresses of alternative

You might have questions about what is the official website of TheWatchSeries? Because you saw a couple of names with different extensions and they keep changing addresses after every few months. Let’s cover the reason why they change domains and what’s the official website name. was the first and the official domain of the website, which was globally available for streaming. In the beginning, The quality of videos was quite normal and just a few features were introduced at that time, but as they start getting viewers they start focusing on regular updates and added a list of functions and made the website more handy to the users.

As the website starts getting fame, hurdles happen. The copyright holders reported the website and google took the legal action against the website and removed it from the searches. So the developers rolled out many new web addresses for the same destination to trick the Search engine.

After the hit of the first strike on they decided to move their domain to and migrated all the links and data to the new server. ItsWatchSeries has the same interface but an updated list of movies, you can now change video players and link providers are now serving to brand new links with no bad impressions. Full-featured screen are now supported this time. Bigger screen means more fun, do watch movies on full screen with your quality preference, change resolutions as per your data capacity.

This website is working fine in the US, UK, Australia & Canada countries, but the other countries are still struggling to access the website from their regional areas, as it’s unavailable for them. Afterward, TheWatchSeries came up with several new names, to cover the rest of the possible countries.

To handle the public from Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, thewatchseries cc was launched. It has the same interface as the official website but there’s a change in the algorithm as it’s for the filtered countries the content is also filtered as per their region. It can play 1080p high-quality videos without any pop-up ads, once you start streaming they won’t bother you until you’re done with the content. This feature attracted many loyal users to the website and keep them tuned till the end.

It was introduced for the public of the USA, UK and Indian streamers. They can now enjoy this domain with all the recent and newly added functions. This time the website came with additional benefits such as Watchlist and Trailers, IMDB Ratings and overview features which can give hints about the movie, is it worth to watch or not.

Still, the website got no success and faced several actions and they finally shut down some of them and tried a lot to get back their place but Google doesn’t want them to bounce back.

You can still find these websites if you’re connected to VPN and the location isn’t marked in the Blacklist.

Now, I hope you know the facts and figures behind the whole myth of TheWatchSeries Website. If you can’t surf on their hidden (but working) website you should have to go along with TheWatchSeries Alternative, As it’s the only option left for viewers. I can’t guarantee about their coming back because there’s no update from the developer’s side. So, I suggest you find some worthy TheWatchSeries to Alternative.

List of 12 – Alternative

alternative to

There are many websites available on the Internet that claims of sharing free movies download and streaming service, but none of them really stand on their words. But you can still go with some TheWatchSeries Alternative which is highly recommended after TheWatchSeries closure.

Here, I’m going to share 12 Alternative¬†which can probably replace the need of TheWatchSeries. You have many choices and you can stick with any of the following.


netflix alternative

Netflix is the only one who’s raking on top for streaming and crossed more than 100M+ regular visitors all around from the world. It has the authority of sharing movies as it’s not pirated or stolen from anyone, each and every content is uploaded with all the permissions and acceptance of the holder.

It’s available on App and Website, both platforms are suitable and work fine. You have to pay some bucks in exchange for the services as there is no risk in using Netflix, and it’s a subscription-based streaming platform so you must have to pay them if you want services.

Amazon Prime Videos

prime videos

In order to fulfill all the needs of streaming Amazon Prime Videos is the best pick you can do, It’s paid and cost an average amount from the student. Along with this, you’ll get many additional benefits like Amazon Prime Membership for Instant Shopping Delivery & Audio Player.

Prime Videos has scaled a huge collection of Movies, Web Series & TV Shows based on the regional content options. It uploads the movies faster than any other streaming platform, As its legalized by the officials and works with full support.


watchfree to

Most of us only dig for interface and quality contents and it’s hard to grab both at a time. But, here in this WatchFree website, you’ll get both. WatchFree mainly focuses on a user-friendly interface and deploy major contents which are requested by the users.
You’ll find a brief description of every content with the ratings and likes, this will help you in judging content by reading the old reviews from the watchers.

Apart from this, You can also explore contents based on their Popularity and Most Watched filters. This can be a great tweak to find all worthy content at a single screen. It can also filter contents on People’s Choice and deliver you some with their own. .



Watch your favorite contents anonymously, Watch32 is a website which doesn’t ask for any information from its viewers. All of you can stream contents for free and they’ll keep your identity safe and hidden from being exposed. As there is no registration required on this website, you don’t have to share your details with anybody.

If you found something good which you want to store, you can download it on your device. This is extra of this app, but here you have to deal with some limitations like you can’t download content in higher quality resolutions. The last of the resolution is 480p, which is fine for the smartphone but will spoil your video on the desktop because it has to stretch the pixels.



It’s available for both Mobile and Desktop, you can stream with any of your devices. Just visit their official website and start streaming, you don’t need any further tools. This website can easily assist you with low Internet usage, this can save your GB’s of Data on every series you stream. The looks of Vumoo is too professional that anybody can feel safe and consider this as the best pick for watching free movies online.

Whereas, Vumoo is famous for sharing content on people’s demand. You can ask for any movie which isn’t available here with the help of contact form, this will be available for 24/7. They’ll surely update the Movie within a few days and notify you when it’s done.



The best thing about this website is, You can Download Videos from this website. Which is a great option in itself because no other streaming website is offering such an option to the viewers. You can set download quality as per your choice and can download multiple files at a time.
DivxCrawler is not only for Movies and TV Series, also there are a variety of more contents are also available on the website, such as Audio, Music and much more. All of these contents can be streamed or downloaded from the website at any time.



IceFilms comes with thousands of Movies and suggests you the highly relevant content which is of the same genre as your previously streamed content. Apart from this, On this website, the sections are already divided with Most Watched Movies and Weekly Hits.
If you found some extremely good content and want some more like of it, then this website can help you in gathering many. You can also create a playlist on this website and add a number of movies into it to watch them later.

TVMuse – best alternative


Another perfect alternative to with extras like Old-age English Movies and Series along with the alphabetical order of the sort. It also has an option to get subtitles on the live streaming video which is a plus point of TVMuse Website.

The interface of this website is to sleek and provide a healing feeling to the eyes, as the colors are too smooth and hover settings is also perfect in shape.
TVMuse is also facing such hurdles like many strikes affected the site’s value among the viewers. But you can still enjoy the services without any registration.



This website has a simple interface with some easy filter options, you can put filters Movies and TV Shows from the home screen.
Apart from this, On the Frontpage you’ll find various catalog such as Top Ratings, Most Viewed & Trending. You don’t have to compromise with quality as you can stream content on Full HD Quality.

You don’t have to dive deep into the site to watch movies, Just click on the button form the home page and the video will start right from there. The other name you can use for this is, One Click Streaming Website.



If you’re afraid of being caught while surf such streaming websites then this website is the best place to hide. It’s sort of legal and never seen any action based on piracy or content copyright.

It’s been working on every country and has a lot of genuine link provides, don’t know if they’re official or not. But this website is doing a great job in this field.
You don’t need any VPN or to hide IP Address, they won’t track you down in any case.



A similar platform to TheWatchSeries which holds pretty same collection of contents and all the stuff is organized in a manner so nobody has to rush while exploring their genre. It has a good collection of Old British TV Series and Movies.

They can scroll to their interest in category and explore all the best-time contents from there. And, The inbuilt video player of this website is also handy and the options will be available on your fingertips.



It’s a sleek UI based website that has a pretty good front-end view and statically represents a whole collection of Movies and TV Shows in a row. WorldFree4U is world-wide popular for Movie Downloads. You might have saw the name before on many downloaded movies as it’s one of the top most download link provider to the third-party websites.

You don’t have to explore the website, you can simply find your content from the search bar or they’ll suggest you some worthy content to begin with, Stream or Download, it’s up to you.

Final Words

I hope you guys have got what you were looking for, I’ve mentioned the top 12 Alternative which can be your next favorite streaming platform.

You can also participate and share your favorite platform which you use for streaming if it fits the criteria we will surely update it on this article.

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