Download Torque Pro Apk v1.9.0 For Android & iOS

Torque Pro Apk: It’s an application used to analyze the vehicle engine, transmission or working state. It’s a paid application introduced for Android and iOS users, with the help of OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter you can check your vehicles all property.

Many times we don’t know what is wrong with our vehicle, especially in the case of cars and bigger four-wheelers. In that situation, Torque Pro Apk v1.9.0 can help you and guide you about what’s wrong with the system. It will deliver you an exact report of Transmission, Horsepower or Working of the engine.

It supports almost every car models, you just have to plug the OBD2 Scanner into your vehicle and pair it with your smartphone. After then you can check all about your engine from your smartphone, no need to go through by mechanic or calling any experts for the help. It will guide you about what’s wrong with your vehicle and how you can get over it.

What is Torque Pro Apk?

Torque Pro App Download

It’s an Android App that is designed for users to know the exact details of their vehicles. To get started with this app you must need an external tool called OBD2, which is a Bluetooth Adapter that you must have to connect with your vehicle.
Later, it will reflect all the diagnostics on your screen.

It’s a paid app which is available on Google Play Store for sale, you can grab this app from there. Or if you don’t want to spend your money over this app, you can simply download it from here. We hold a cracked version of the same, which is totally free.

Why Torque Pro Apk?

Sometimes we can’t reach the technical parts of the vehicle, and it’s quite expensive to call a mechanic every time you feel something hard with the diagnostics.
Torque Pro Apk will let you know all the information about the engine and all of them are accurate because it crawls to your engine and gathers all facts by own.

You just have to plug a Bluetooth Adapter called OBD2 (available on almost every spare part shops, or online websites). The further jobs will be automatically handled by the Torque App.


The best use of torque pro apk is that you can get all diagnosis of your vehicle on your screen. You don’t have to look after any issue by calling any mechanic.

Free of Cost

If you download this app from our website, you’ll get this for free. On the other hand, it will cost $4.99 for a month if you go through Google Play.

So, I recommend you to save your money and download the app from here, as we have the same version of the app with all unlocked features.

Check Diagnose

You can check the diagnosis of your vehicle right from your smartphone screen. Some of them can be fixed without visiting the service center. Apart from this, this app has handy options which can easily deliver you all the reports instantly just after turning on your vehicle.

Light Weight

Anybody can hold this app on their smartphone, there is no such requirement for installing this app. You just need Android or iOS smartphones. Still, it’s not available in Blackberry or other platforms.

Check Incidents

It can guide you about future happenings too, which can occur if you don’t take a look over the issues. So, don’t ignore them ever. You can fall into a bad situation which can cause harm to you.

Packed With Solutions

This app also provides you several solutions that can solve your issue on your own. If it’s your personal vehicle and you’re a little good with technology you can solve most of the issues on your own.

Wireless Connection

The best part is, it doesn’t have any wiring system. You just have to plug a Pendrive look-alike adapter and it will be connected through Bluetooth with your Device.

You can sync all the information just by turning your car on and it will deliver you all the graphs and data instantly. There is no wire system, it will make a bond with the wireless connection between your smartphone and your vehicle.

Quick Scan

It will not work until the engine of your car is off, the second you turn on the engine it will also start loading all the data and diagnostics from the engine and deliver it to you within an interval of 2-3 minutes only. You can imagine how fast is it.

Other Highlights:

  • It Supports Car dock, Graph data, and MPG
  • You can customize the control panel and change your profile view.
  • It can Monitor CO2 emissions of your vehicle.
  • Check the temperature and keep an eye on it always.
  • Maintain Dyno/Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque of the vehicle

Download Torque Pro Apk v1.9.0 For Android

Torque pro apk for Android

If you’re looking for Torque Pro Apk v1.9.0, It will cost you $4.99 for a month on Google Play Store. If you don’t want to spend any bucks then click on the below button. It has a cracked version of the app, where all the features are unlocked and you can enjoy all premium options for free of cost.

Torque Pro Apk

It’s the Latest Version of Torque Pro Apk. Just connect the OBD2 and it will pair the two within a second. It’s compatible with all OBD2 devices and vehicles.


  • The bugs are now fixed.
  • Added the battery option for Android users.
  • Can check CO2 emissions on fingertips.
  • Loads faster than ever.
  • Unlocked all the premium features.
  • Increased the BlueTooth range.
  • You can take an overview from home now.


  • Android/iOS Device (to install the app)
  • OBD2 Scanner (can be available in the offline market or order it from any e-commerce websites online)
  • Car (as a vehicle)

Install Torque Pro Apk For Android

Once you get the apk file of Torque App you don’t have to worry about anything else. The rest of the process is easy and it doesn’t consume more than a couple of minutes from your day.

First of all enable the unknown sources, as you’re going to install this app from the external web. You need to enable this option.

  • Go to settings > Security > Unknown Sources. From here you can enable it.
  • Now, Go to the downloaded file of the torque app and click on the install button.
  • It will take only a few seconds to unload all packages and install them on your device.
  • Once you’re done with installing. Open the app and start monitoring your vehicle.

Download Torque Pro App For iOS

Torque pro Apk

If you’re an iOS user then you might not get the same thing you’re looking for but I can assure you that you’ll get all those features in some other app which is also a diagnosis checker app.

You can try installing Emulators on your iOS to grab this app but trust me, this won’t pay the real feel of the experience. So, I suggest you try some alternative to the Torque Pro app till they announce any update for the iPhone Users.

It’s hard to find a perfect app for iOS as there are only a few apps designed for the iOS platform. But here, I have found an exact working app for you which has all major options as Torque Pro App.

BlueDriver is an alternative to Torque Pro App which is specially designed for iPhone, iPad users. Whereas, Torque App is mainly focusing on the Android Platform.

To download the BlueDriver App, Click on the below download button. It has the direct download link of the app.

  • Open Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Mangement.
  • Grant permission by allowing trust to the developer option.
  • After that, you can install any third-party app on your iOS device.
  • Click on the downloaded file.
  • Hit the install button.
  • After a minute, you can see the app is successfully installed on your iOS Device.
  • Now you can start enjoying free services of the app right from your smartphone.

How to use Torque Pro Apk

Torque Apk Pro Version

It’s quite easy to use this app, you don’t have to dive into any deep process at all. Just plug the OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter into your car and search for it through your phone.

  • Start the car’s engine, it will also turn on along with the engine.
  • Torque Pro App will detect it and ask you to pair with it.
  • Hit allow button, it will be paired within a second and now you can monitor all your car diagnosis from your mobile.
  • Enable the GPS, you need to grant permission to the locations. It will enable by GPS just after getting the permissions. It will load map for you.
  • Now you need to go to the Faults section and check if there is something wrong or not.
  • If you found something there means your engine must have some issues and you should have to solve them before going for a ride. Just the Clear Faults section to get the solutions for the same.
  • If it’s easy to understand go with your own company, if it’s above your job, call an expert to check and repair the thing for you.

For another quick overview of the vehicle you can just open the app and from the home screen of the app, you’ll get all details. Like fuel, battery and CO2 emissions and test results.


What’s different between the two Torque Apk and Torque Pro Apk?

Torque App is the trial version of this app that was launched for free and still, it’s free by nature and delivers only limited features to the users.

Whereas, Torque Pro App is paid and holds all unique features which are mentioned in their launch. If you want to enjoy all the premium options then you should have to pay $4.99 per month.

Is it free or paid?

If you go through Google Play you’ll see a label of $4.99 cost. But if you download it from our website you’ll get it for free. As we already made a purchase of this app and patched this with all unlocked features and now it’s openly available for all to grab the app.

Is it safe using the Torque App?

Yes, there is no harm in using the Torque App. As it’s just a scanner and gather information about your vehicle and it’s engine diagnosis. It doesn’t harm you or your engine in any way, you can trust this app.

Where to get an OBD2 Scanner?

You can easily get an OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth Adapter from e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. It’s available there and hardly costs $5 from your pocket.
As now, Torque Pro Version is available for free you can easily pay for this device.
You can also look for this device from the automobile shops. Many of them have this device as it’s trending nowadays.


Torque Pro Apk is a diagnosis checker app for your vehicles like Car and SUVs. You can get all the information about your vehicle on your screen, just plug the OBD2 Adapter and pair it with your handy smartphone. The list of all faults and drive tests will be delivered to you every time you turn on the engine of your car.

Stay tuned for more amazing apps like this and drop down the name if you know any which is doing great and unique by nature.

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