typewise offline keyboard mod apk

Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD Apk (Paid version)

If you want full proof privacy and don’t want your typing pad to collect or sell your typed data then the best you can use Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD Apk. This app provides 100% privacy on your typing data like passwords and other important things you type. Other keyboard apps collect all the data and they have authority to sell it.

If you are tired of old typewriter keypad and want to try futuristic hexagon keyboard then download Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD Apk. This app is a paid app but if you download from the link given below then you can use paid typewise keyboard app for free.

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What is Typewise offline keyboard mod apk?

Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD Apk is a futuristic mobile / tab keypad app which helps in typing accurately with minimal error. It have 70% larger keys compared to typewriter keyboard this helps for those who have fat thumb. Typewise is the first to introduce and only type of offline keyboard which introduced hexagon shaped keyboard.

typewise offline keyboard mod apk

Hexagonal honeycomb keyboard layout takes same space as traditional keyboard but have bigger keys which gives less typos and smooth typing experience. Best thing about this app is its privacy. Unlike other keypad this app doesn’t store all the data in its cloud. Rather you can save it in your device safely.

Amazing themes and dark mode make this keypad interface eye-catching. As you know dark mode keypads helps a lot in saving battery life and eye sight too. There are huge list of amazing Features this app provides out of all i personally like it’s auto correct and text replacements Features which saves a lot of time.

Typewise keyboard pro app

User interface of this keypad can’t be compared with any other keyboard apps. Certainly all these Features comes with price if you download from app store but if you download from our website then you can get paid Typewise offline keyboard pro apk for free.

At first it’ll be hard to type with hexagon keypad but you can train yourself by playing typing games in typewise keyboard app. Usually it takes 5-6 days maximum to get used to this app but if you’re a quick learner then you can become master in typing with hexagonal keypad layout.


Version info

Typewise keyboard paid app

  • App name :- Typewise offline keyboard mod apk
  • Version :- v3.0.5
  • Genre :- Productivity
  • Size :- 72MB
  • Requirement :- Android 6.0 or more
  • Total installs :- 5,000,000+
  • Developer :- icoaching gmbh
  • MOD Features :- Paid features unlocked


Download & install paid app of typewise offline keyboard

If you have never downloaded a mod app before then follow every steps written below to successfully download Typewise Offline Keyboard pro app for free.

1. First of all you have to click the download button and further click on Download again to start downloading this app on your Android device.

Download Typewise MOD

2. When this app is successfully downloaded in your mobile click on that downloaded apk to install it in your mobile or tab.

Download Typewise keyboard

3. If you’re not able to find downloaded app then go to File manager >>> Downloads >>> Search Typewise keyboard mod apk and click on it to install in your android device.

Download Best keyboard pro Version

4. If it’s your first time installing mod apk then your android device won’t allow it to install. To get over this issue you have to change your settings regarding installation of app.

5. Go to your mobile settings and search unknown source. There will be an option called install app from unknown sources, you have to enable that option to install mod apk.


Features of typewise offline keyboard mod apk 

Typewise Offline Keyboard MOD Apk is not like a random keyboard with bunch of themes. This is an innovative keyboard app which focuses on increasing the accuracy with less typos. They came up with hexagonal shape buttons which give honeycomb Outlook to keyboard. It saves a lot of space whole giving smoother look to keyboard. It doest save or sell any data without permission like other keyboard apps. To know more about the features this app posses, read below!

Only keyboard app which provides 100% Privacy

typewise offline keyboard mod apk

Typewise keyboard app guarantee it’s user for complete privacy. They don’t sell or share thier data to anyone. They don’t even collect the data in thier cloud. All of the typing data you can save it in your device locally. Now all your passwords, usernames, important talks will be safe with you. You don’t have to worry about your mobile being Tracked by other party as it doesn’t ask for any permissions during installation of this app.


Innovative hexagonal typing keyboard for less error

typewise keyboard mod apk

Hexagonal keyboard gives less error and this is scientifically proven. It gives more room to your thumbs for typing correctly as hexagonal keys are bigger than rectangular keys. It is seen that typewise keyboard users type 33% more faster than traditional keyboard users.


Smart auto correction to make typing easier

Typewise paid app download

Auto correct in typewise is highly accurate. Autocorrect saves our time from searching correct word and deleting and typing again. You can also use text replacements to save your time. Text replacements work same as autocorrect. In text replacement you can manually put the words you want. These Features are also available in free version.


Wide varieties of themes 

Keyword themes typewise

There are 22+ themes available for both traditional typewriter keyboard as well as hexagonal honeycomb keyboard. There’s also dark mode theme recently added in new version of typewise keyboard. These themes are available only for pro Version users. If you download this app from our site you’ll get all these amazing themes unlocked. There are 4 types of themes : light colour, dark colour, fancy and minimalistic. In these 4 types all have 5-6 themes which you can change easily from typewise offline keyboard app.


Supports 40+ languages in typewise offline keyboard mod apk

Typewise keyboard premium paid app download

Now you can type in your language with typewise offline keyboard mod apk. There are more than 40 language supports in this app. Typewise keyboard supports English (US, UK, Canada, Australia), Chinese, Vietnamese, Albanian, Afrikaans, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Filipino, German, Hungarian, Turkish and much more. If you didn’t found your language there then don’t worry in next update we are going to add more 5 languages.


Play typing games to increase your typing speed

Best keyboard for mobile

Its hard to type on honeycomb layout. Generally it takes a week to get used to anything new to us. But hexagonal keyboard is so addictive and easy to use that you are going to become master in typing speedily wile having less errors. But if you’re a slow learner and unable to use this layout properly then don’t worry. Typewise came with an amazing concept of learn while playing game. You can playing various typing game available in typewise offline keyboard app which will increase your typing speed instantly. Enjoy game while learning to type on hexagonal keyboard.


Boost your productivity by using swipes to type faster

typewise keyboard mod app

Hexagonal keyboard doesn’t have backspace button. To delete any word or sentence just swipe left and delete whatever you want. If you want to restore whatever you have deleted by fault just swipe right to restore. Delete or backspace button is in every keyboard. But restoring concept is very new and pioneer of this concept is typewise keyboard. There no caps lock button or any button which does make alphabet capital or small. You just have to swipe up while typing it’ll automatically convert itself to capital letter.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some of the most important questions asked by our users regarding this app. If you didn’t got your answers then comment below, our team will resolve it ASAP!

Can I use traditional typewriter keypad in typewise offline keyboard? 

Yes. You can use both traditional typewriter keyboard as well as hexagonal keyboard in this app. There is a small icon on keypad by clicking that you can change the layout of keypad or you can go to the app and change it from there.

Do this keyboard have emojis and gifs?

Yes, Typewise offline keyboard have inbuilt emoji and gifs. There are tons of emojis in this keypad. You can search gifs easily, just type any word and your desired gifs will come up. Emojis are also available in free version of this app but if you are not able to find emoji then click emoji button and swipe up. After clicking number and emoji button and swiping up you can use all emojis easily.

Can I change the size of fonts in keyboard?

Yes you can change font size and keypad size from typewise keyboard settings. In hexagonal keyboard you won’t have to change as it is already perfect but if in case you want bigger or smaller keyboard then you can change it from setting. You can also change the font size easily.


Final Conclusion

With hi-tech and innovative honeycomb typing keypad Typewise offline keyboard have left his mark as an amazing mobile keyboard. No one have ever thought about hexagonal keys idea which I coaching gmbh developer team have achieved. They layout and designing is very scientific and ultra modern. This can be the future of mobile devices keypad. Hexagonal keys are bigger and better which saves a lot of time and give enough space to your thumb to type without error. You can personalize this keyboard according to your need by utilizing it’s advanced Features. These advance futures are not available unless you pay but if your download Mod apk then you can get everything unlocked. Share this amazing app with friends to help them increase their productivity.



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