U Torrent Pro Apk Download

U Torrent Pro Apk v6.1.7 Download For Android, iOS & Windows

When it’s about Torrent apps, U Torrent Pro Apk v6.1.7 is on the top of the list. As it is available for almost every platform and has astonishing features that are hard to find in any other torrent app.
It’s light-weight and easily accessible from Android, iOS, and Windows. It has the ability to download movies and games of nearly GB’s of size.

Here in this post, I’m going to share the U Torrent Pro Apk, which isn’t free if your download this same application from Google Play Store. But if you grab this app from here, you’ll get the fully-unlocked version with all premium features.

What’s U Torrent Pro Apk?

U Torrent Pro Apk Download

U Torrent Pro Apk is an app that lets you download torrent files without visiting the torrent sites, as most of them are banned for open internet users. You should have to connect yourself with a VPN if you ever like to visit those Torrent sites. But here, With u torrent pro apk you can download stuff directly with this app without any VPN.
It’s now packed with some more extra options like battery saving mode and boost speed gear. These options are available only in the Pro Pack of the U Torrent App.

Why U Torrent Pro Apk?

UTorrent Pro Apk

As it’s one of the best and it’s easy-to-understand because it doesn’t have any complex options or hard guide. Once you start using this app, you’ll get used to it. It’s handy and has quick response features that work extremely fast and in an easy way so you can understand the whole procedure.

If you have this app you don’t have to rush on torrent sites for the magnet links, it will automatically gather links for you and deliver it to you, or redirect you to the links to make your own choice for the quality options.

It’s offered by the BitTorrent Developers and they maintain this app for the public who can’t access the website from their device. This app isn’t banned yet and it’s available on Google Play Store too. So, if you’re looking for downloading torrent stuff I personally suggest you go with this app. No other app can serve you this much of options and instant result as uTorrent Pro Apk.


It has many features to introduce, but here I can only tell you some major advantages of having this app on your device. Some benefits which you’ll get along with this app in addition of downloading torrent files.

Free of Cost

As I said, This is a pre-unlocked version of this app which is totally free if you download this from here. But if you go rush on the Internet for the same, you’ll have to pay a huge amount of bucks for the premium services.
Once you download this app, you don’t have to pay any more bucks to anybody, rest all will be free.


It is of the only 8MB in size which is too small of an Android Application. But with this small-sized app, you can download files of 1MB to 1TB in a single shot.

Clean Interface

The interface of this app is sleek and it works smoothly on any platform you want. It doesn’t lag anywhere and has its own cleaner to keep the cache cleaned and maintain the working speed of the app. The color and the design is simple, so nobody will have any issue with the colors and the brightness.

Integrated Music/Video Players

Once you download any music or video files from the U Torrent Apk you don’t have to download any further apps to listen or watch those files. U Torrent has its own inbuilt Players for both Music and Audio.

No Size Limits

There is no maximum size limit for the downloading, you can download file size of up to 10GB or 100GB. There are no restrictions on this, it’s all up to you and your data capability.

Quick Translator

If somewhere you stuck with an unknown language you can use this app you translate those words for you. It has an option of the inbuilt translator to keep the users engaged with the app from all regions.

Pro Mode Changelogs:

Add Links

If you know some good Torrent websites which do have magnet links of latest movie and series then you can copy the website URL in here and next time it will filter the website and arrange a list of all magnet links of all the movies available on the website.

No Banner Ads

In this UTorrent Pro App, you will not see the banner ads you were dealing with in the regular version of the uTorrent App. It’s now removed from the app as it’s the Pro Version.

Battery Saver

Now you can set your device on Battery Saving Mode to keep the battery life optimized and save it from draining quickly. This feature is also rolled out in the pro version only.

Auto Exit

Once you’re done downloading any file from Utorrent it will automatically exit the app from the background and working apps. This was it will keep your RAM Cleaned and save battery life.

Download U Torrent Pro Apk v6.1.7 For Android

U Torrent Pro Apk For Android

You can download U Torrent Pro Apk From here, just click on the below button and your downloading will start automatically. You can grab this app from Play Store too, but there you’ll only have a free trial version of this app which is packed with limited options.

UTorrent Pro Apk

But, If you download it from here, you’ll get all those features unlocked and the premium version v6.1.7 for free.

Install U Torrent Pro Apk on Android

To install this app on your Android device you must have to enable the unknown sources. It’s a must-do step because after this you can install any third-party app, only if it’s enabled. If you don’t enable the Unknown Sources, you can’t add any external app to your device. For this, Go to Settings > Security. Find Unknown Sources, Enable it.

  • Now, get back to the packages file which you’ve downloaded earlier and hit the install button.
  • It will take a few minutes to load all the packages and install the app on your device.
  • Once it gets finished, open the app and grant all permissions.
  • Most of them are for file manager permissions and storage data allowance. There is nothing to be worried about.

How to use U Torrent Pro Apk

It’s easy using this app, there are no tough points to remember. Follow the below guide to know how to use U Torrent Pro Apk to download files from the torrent websites.

  • Open the U Torrent Pro Apk.
  • Click on the search option from the top right corner.
  • A pop-up will appear, enter the movie name which you want to download.
  • It will redirect you to the Google Search Results page where all the results are focused on the query keyword which you’ve entered above.
  • Pick any of them and search for the magnet links, once you get the link click on it and it will be added to your U Torrent Pro Apk.
  • Now you can start downloading the file and it will be stored on your file manager once the download gets finished.

Download U Torrent Pro App For iOS

U Torrent Pro For iOS

It’s hard to find U Torrent Pro App For iOS because it isn’t launched yet for the users. You can still have many options and choices to go along with.
Download any alternative to U Torrent Pro Apk and get all torrent files and download them right through your fingertips. Some best similar torrent apps for iOS are mentioned below.


It’s on the top, as it’s available on the App Store and has most of the positive reviews from the users. It has the same interface and serves you the same amount of link providers and downloading speed as U Torrent Pro Apk.


It’s a website based torrent application, which works mainly in the back end and handle all the traffic and database on the website. The app is launched for people to get a quick result of records and magnet links.


A light-weight app that helps you in case you’re an iPhone user and didn’t found any worthy torrent links to download any file. It has inbuilt options to filter movies, videos, games, and music.

Download U Torrent Pro Apk v6.1.7 For PC

U Torrent Pro For PC

If you want to download torrent movies and files on your desktop then I assure you that you’ll find this method as the easiest installation method for desktop. It’s easy to install such apps and extensions on Desktop in comparison with Android or iOS.

You can add chrome extension for the same, There’s an extension of UTorrent which lets you download the torrent files.

You can download uTorrent App for Windows. But it’s not free for a lifetime, after a month they’ll ask you to subscribe to their service. To get this app for free you can follow this simple tweak.
Download the uTorrent App from here.

UTorrent For Windows

  • Install and use the app until they ask you to pay money.
  • Once they start asking you for a subscription, Uninstall the app.
  • And Re-install the app by downloading it again.
  • It will credit you with a 1-month free trial again.
  • Do repeat this step every month to use this app free for a lifetime.

For Mac

Here is the download link of the uTorrent App for Mac OS. If you’re one from the Mac users then here is the U Torrent Pro App, click on the below button to start downloading.

UTorrent For Mac

  • Download the file and click on it.
  • You will have to extract the file to get the setup of U Torrent.
  • Click on the file and hit the install button.
  • Within a while, it will be installed on your Mac Desktop.
  • When it’s done, start using the app and download torrent files easily on your macOS.


Why my downloading speed is slow in U Torrent Pro Apk?

There is no reason for dropping the Internet speed, the torrent files support the highest downloading speed.
Check your Data connection or the reason might be something else than this, You can clear the cache files Or Simply Enable Aeroplane Mode and turn it off. This might can help you to get back your speed.

Is it safe using U Torrent Pro Apk?

Yes, U Torrent Pro Apk is just a torrent file downloading a client. It doesn’t host any file on its own server or provide direct access to download stuff. It makes a bond between you and the file owner and lets you take action to download the particular file as per your request. So, You can consider this app as a safe spot to download such files.

Do I have to use a VPN with this app?

As we all know in our region the Torrent websites are banned and it’s hard to find even a single perfect torrent website without a VPN. Although we can’t download any file if we don’t have any working VPN. But if you use U Torrent Pro Apk you don’t connect yourself with any VPN.


It’s totally safe using this app so don’t worry about anything. You can download all possible files from this U Torrent Pro Apk, Videos, Music and Movies. Drop comments to share your experience and questions to let the users know this app and read publics review. Keep Visiting and Don’t forget to share this app with your friends who love downloading movies.

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