Weed Inc mod apk

Weed Inc MOD Apk for Android (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Weed Inc mod apk can give you the experience and knowledge behind the work done in weed manufacturing business. This is a simulation game where you have to live the life of a manager who controls weed farm, bottles it, label it and then sell in shop.

Weed Inc : Idle tycoon is developed and published by Metamoki who also Published game called wiz khalifa weed farm which is quite famous. If you like role playing games and simulator games then weed Inc is the best game for you.

If you want to play simulation games similar to Weed Inc then give a try to Idle firefighter tycoon mod apk.


What is Weed Inc MOD Apk?

Weed which is also known as Marijuana is illegal in majority of countries but still people consume it. The price of Weed is indeed very high and this means the profit is also very huge. Most of us always think about growing and selling weed and earing a lot of money. But this is impossible in real life if you’re living in a country where weed is illegal i.e.: USA, UK, Brazil, India, South Africa, etc. Don’t worry if you can’t create your weed empire in real life because now you can experience it in virtual life with Weed Inc game app.

Weed Inc mod apk

Doing weed business is very easy. Just take best and fast growing weed when you start. Then bottle it with the help of machines and workers. After that you can sell it in your dispensary. You can Increase your sale, bottling rate and cultivation of weeds if you hire managers. There are 3 kinds of manager : Common, Rare and Epic. Every manager have thier strengths which you can use it accordingly.

You can grow you weed factory at faster pace if you hire managers, collect rare strains of Weed, increase work efficiency and number of employees and much more. You can follow tips and tricks on how to expand your weed business market around the world.

Version info

Weed Inc app mod

  • Name :- Weed Inc mod apk
  • Version :- 2.80.90
  • Size :- 92MB
  • Total installs :- 10,000,000+
  • OS Requirement :- Android 4.4
  • Published by :- Metamoki
  • Category :- Simulation
  • Last updated on :- 2-8-2021
  • Mod :- Unlimited money & gems


Download and Install Weed Inc mod apk

1. To download Weed Inc mod apk game in your android mobile click on the download button given below.

Download Weed Inc

2. It will start downloading on its own and after it is downloaded you have to install in in your device.

Download Weed inc

3. If downloaded apk is not in your notification bar then search it on your search engine downloads option.

4. Before installing a warning will come which says that installing apps out of Google play store can be harmful for your mobile. Click on install it anyways to play mod apk.

Weed Inc app download

5. If you’re not able to install mod app in your mobile then the reason behind is limiting your system to install only Google play store apps.

6. To change that setting you have to click on settings and then search unknown sources. Then enable the installation of apps from unknown sources to install apps from google in future.


Features of Weed Inc mod apk

Weed Inc Idle tycoon mod apk is a simulation game where you have to play the role of a weed business tycoon. You have to grow this business by selling your favourite Marijuana and earning huge profits. This game consists of dozens of mind-boggling features. To about these features in depth read below:

Cultivate your new strain of weeds

Weed Inc mod app

There are various strain of weeds available in this game. To increase the cultivation of Weed you have to upgrade the level of Weed harvesting. After 25 level you’ll get one extra employee who will harvest weed. The next checkpoint 50 and 100 level will give you more number of employees per weed plant. Total 5 employees you can get after unlocking all levels per plant. This will double the harvesting rate and indirectly it’ll increase the revenue of your weed shop.

Collect, bottle and sell weed

Weed game mod app

The theme of this game is taken from real world. It consists all of the realistic process done by a weed business owner. To collect weed there will be employees who will harvest weed of different strains. You can hire as many employees as you can in mod apk. To get higher revenue you have to choose better version of Weed strain. Bottling I’d done by machine and a supervisor but you can increase it’s capacity by hiring a manager. After collecting weed bottles from bottling plant you can directly Sell it in shop.

Manage your dispensary 

Weed Inc game mod

Dispensary is nothing but your weed shop. The name dispensary represents it as a medical Marijuana shop. Managing dispensary is easy but in case there are very less customer in your shop then you can hire managers to increase the sale of Weed. Dispensary is the place where you make all the money. Sell higher varieties of Weed strains to get more Idle cash in this game.

Expand your business around the globe

Weed games download

You have to start your business from San fransisco and expand it to other states like Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal and other North American countries and states. Your first goal will be expanding your business in San fransisco by constructing new rooms to grow weed and hire employees to cultivate it.

Hire managers to manage your dispensary

Weed Inc tips

There are 10 manager which we can divide in 3 classes : common, rare, epic. All of them have some kind of powers which helps your business to grow fast and helps in earning good revenue. All of the orange background managers are common type which have basic powers like 5× bottle value, – 70% upgrade cost, 2x conveyor belt speed, 2x harvesting strength, etc. A common manager will work 40 seconds and 20 mins of rest. While rare and epic one will work for longer duration upto 5 mins.

Discover new strains

Weed strain collection

You will discover new strains after completing checkpoints of level played by gamer. New strains you can get from gift boxes after completing levels and also by playing weekly fest. You can also develop new strain of Weed in your research lab. Weeds are also divided in 3 categories orange background means common weed, blue background means rare and violet background is for epic variant of weed strain.

Tips to earn impressive amount of money in weed Inc

Weed Inc app download

There’s only one way to get rare and epic weed strain which is buying crates. If you will use your money in buying crates then you’ll get rare and epic weed strains which is very expensive. Always upgrade your weed and bottler and dispensary to increase the growth of you weed business. If you want to earn a lot of Idle cash within a minute then go to settings and change the time and Increase it to 4-5 hours. When you’ll open game you can collect the Idle cash of 5 hours directly. Hope it helps you, if you want to play similar role playing games then do check Bid wars mod apk.


Frequently Asked Questions

We seriously takes all of the queries asked by our users and answer it within a day. If you also have any questions regarding downloading, installing or any kind of gaming problems then ask us on comment section. We have already took some of the most important questions asked by gamers who have downloaded weed mod apk.

Why I’m not getting unlimited money and gems even after downloading mod version? 

If you have downloaded this app previously from Google play store and haven’t deleted it before installing weed Inc mod app then in this case mod app will not work. To install mod app on your device you have to delete it’s normal Version from your phone. After that install mod apk of Weed Inc. It had worked for 10k users as this app is downloaded 10 thousand times from our site, so I’m sure it’ll work for you too.

Can I directly unlock Seattle or playing San fransisco is compulsory? 

San fransisco is the base from where you’ll start growing your business and while growing your business there you’ll learn how to play and various other things. We know that San fransisco area gives less earning but you have to play it compulsory and after that you can expand it in other parts of country when map will get unlocked.

Can I cross breed the strains of my weed collection in research lab? 

Absolutely! There is a reason weed Inc have a research lab. They want you to enjoy every aspect of this game whether it’s cultivation, packaging, selling, expanding business territories, hiring qualified managers, etc. This game have research lab in which you can cross breed two strains to develop a high quality weed strain which will be expensive. You can find the research lab when you’ll open map. It’s out of American map in an island where you can do your illegal malpractices of crossbreeding weed strains.


Final Verdict

If you like doing weed business or want an Idle game which have superb graphics, varieties of Weed strains, managers, maps, etc then you must download Weed Inc mod apk. This game is highly addictive if you are interested in entrepreneurship type games. Sell weed and earn money and gems, with that money expand your business to other states and countries. Hire employees who will cultivate your weed plants and upgrade bottling machine which increase the efficiency of packing weed for commercial purpose. There are lots of activities you can do in this game. This game is developed by same developers who made weed game on wiz khalifa. If you like simulation and rpg games which have it’s base around weed business then do play weed Inc game. If you like this mod apk then do check our website for more such amazing mod games.



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